Where to download the sims 2 for free?

Where to download the sims 2 for free?

  • Basically, on any website on the Internet where you are not asked to enter a phone number, confirm something, etc. I myself downloaded this game from the torrent trackers rutor.org, I like it, you can download any parts there.

  • Where to download the sims 2 for free?

    The Sims 2 is a computer game. A stimulant of daily life. In this game, you need to do everything as in life to go to work, relax, equip the house, eat, sleep, relieve natural needs. And they will also fall in love, create a new relationship. In general, this is the virtual life of a person. Not a bad game.

    you can download the game, as well as the key to it on this site


    The torrent of the sims 2 game is on this site

    http://abvshka.ru/game/3438 or on this


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