How to start playing Minecraft?

How to start playing Minecraft?

  • First you need to chop wood, open inventory, and craft the boards. From the boards you need to make a workbench, and with it a pickaxe for the extraction of stone. Stone is necessary to build a house with doors of wood. Wait out the night in your own house, and then go explore the world.

    Craft Recipes

  • Starting to play Minecraft, it is necessary to carry out exploration of the nearest territories, obtain essential resources, create the first tools, it would be nice to find the treasure, then build a house and find or dig a cave, which is necessary in order to extract iron.

    In a small video, instructions and recommendations are given just to start the game, what to do on the first night, how to get resources, how to build a house

  • In order to start playing Minecraft, you must first download this game. For example, for a phone or an ipad game you can download it here:

    Download Minecraft

    After you have registered in the game, then go to the chat and ask you to teach how to play this game. There will always be people who will tell you how to start playing.

    Basic tips for newbies:

    - explore the adjacent territory;

    - start to extract resources of prime necessity;

    -create basic tools;

    Begin to develop the extraction of osvonvyh resources;

    -Do not start a war, if you just started to play, other players are ready for war unlike you.

    Respect the players and they will answer you the same.

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