What do you think a time machine might look like?

What do you think a time machine might look like?

  • Ever since childhood, I imagined a time machine like this: a small room made up of rapidly rotating (vertically) mirrors ... I don't know where I got this image from, maybe I saw something like this somewhere in cartoons, but it is still alive. And I also took a mirror, held it parallel to the walls, walked and looked into it and it seemed to me that this way I could find myself in another space, and I did this procedure quite often, I liked it ...

  • The plot for the film: the appearance will be simple - like a pentagram poured with sand on the asphalt. Until the first wind that rises after the inventor moves and sweeps away the drawing.

    A little about scientific: to minimize the distortions introduced by the Earth's magnetic field, this should be a station in space. Away from the planet. Most likely a spherical shape with a perfect mirror surface.

  • Well, since in science time is associated with speed, it would rather be a version of Emmet Brown, and not Jules is correct.

    personally, I do not believe in it in principle, and I hope that I am right, because the consequences are more than dire.

    I do not believe that physically it is possible to return in time. this is as beautiful a fiction as the curvature of space, when in fact only its appearance is curved, emptiness cannot curl, there is nothing there. so is the time, it just goes, and only forward. it can go as fast or slow as you like, but not backward. and even if you move faster than the speed of light, you still get not into the past, but into its visibility, and you yourself will never notice, because you will have to cross a lot of space

  • A time machine has already been built = a large hadron collider for moving particles into the past and future. After experimenting with particles, they said they would think about the movement of a person in time. Only they do not even succeed with the particles. In principle, I imagine the same time machine, a 27-kilometer-long pipe, where a person is placed and goes on a journey through time.

  • I imagine the time machine in different ways. I think the portal is important for moving, but you can move at least on a bicycle. This is the most important thing. Well this is my opinion. I read the stories of some people, they walked and then moved for several kilometers, ending up in various places.

  • like a pill

    drank, tuned in thanks to its influence and POOOOOOOOEEHAAALIIIIII

  • as for me, so really, I would like to see a time machine in the form of a temporary portal. like a metal detector frame, only a portal) but in the DeLorian style it would also be nice. I like the idea of ​​combining speed and temporal jumps.

  • Three time machines immediately came to mind. The first is (as already mentioned) a rock group headed by Makarevich. The second (also said already) is DeLorean (from the movie "Back to the Future", and the third is a computer with running solitaire))). This is such a "time machine" !!!!! You sit at this solitaire and think - well, I'll spread it out again and sleep ... It seems like I sat down at half past eleven! And got up from the "time machine" - and the morning is already)))

  • in fact, it should look different for everyone! But as for me it should be some kind of sports car that develops great speed in a short time. I would love to make my own time machine out of Lamborgini.

    What do you think a time machine might look like?

  • kind of like in the movie "With a remote control for life": clicked - and you are in a different time and space ... the option "Back to the Future" is too cinematic ... "Guest from the Future" - generally kindergarten ... you need something simple, logical and innovative, multifunctional)

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