How to protect your IP address from the site administration?

How to protect your IP address from the site administration?

  • Most likely, not to protect, but to hide, right?

    Most often, they resort to the help of special anonymizing sites (for example, Chameleon), you just need to enter the address of the site to which you want to get unnoticed, that's all. Sometimes this operation is really necessary: ​​for example, you can go to your VKontakte page, even if it is blocked.

    You need to understand one detail: hiding the IP address occurs only within the same browser in which you are working at the moment.

    More advanced users resort to using separate programs (for example, Proxy Switcher), but this method requires more thorough preparation: for example, you need to change some settings of the browser itself.

  • If you need to protect or hide your real IP, then there are various services for this, incl. and online, but it's most convenient for me to use the HideGuard VPN program, which connects an additional network through a proxy server, while the whole system works through a different IP, there is only one button to turn it on or off (On or Off).

    And it looks like this on the networks:

    IP hiding program operation

  • To protect your IP address from tracking, you need to enable a special application in your browser, or rather an extension that will allow you to connect using another IP address (English, Italian, Canadian or German - preference depends on you. You can also choose Russian options, as a rule, the closer the country, the better the data transfer - there is no loss of speed).

    Also, use the Tor browser - it already has built-in functionality of this type.

  • To protect your IP address from the site administration, you need to hide it. This can be done using various browser extensions, using the TOP browser or VPN service. The latter in the paid version are more reliable. But before you enter the site after changing your IP, you need to make sure that the method worked. To do this, you need to go, for example, to this site and check or change your ah pi address to another. This paid one is pretty good VPN, there are also free hours. It is available for both computers and smartphones. On my android there is just such a VPN, you can watch an ad and add another hour of time. I also have an extension for Chrome Betternet, there are many other more popular extensions in the Chrome extension store. It is enough to enter VPN into the search there.

  • If you have a desire or need to hide your IP address from the administration of any site, then I can advise you to resort to the help of an anonymizer, and there are completely free anonymizers that will hide your IP.

  • If you want no one, let alone the administration of any site, to know your ai pi address, then you will need to download special programs for changing ai pi. For example, the Proxifier program.

  • You probably wanted to write "How to hide your IP address from the site administration" So you can hide your IP in several ways: using special Proxifier programs, a virtual VPN network, or change the proxy server settings in the browser settings.

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