What year is it really?

What year is it really?

  • Four years have passed since the question arose ...

    What calendar do you need?

    Among Christians and those equated to them, the counts of years are from the hypothetical date of the Nativity of Christ (as to the truth of the "first" year, it is all ambiguous) according to the Gregorian calendar. Today is 2016 A.D. or "our era".

    In Islamic countries, the dates of the relocation of the Prophet Muhammad and the first Muslims from Mecca to Medina are counted from the Hijra. This is July 16, 622, AD The Muslim year is different from the Gregorian and contains 354 or 355 days, and the leap-year cycles vary from country to country. To get an Islamic date, you need to use the following formula:

    Islamic year = (Gregorian year 622) * 33 / 32

    Thus, from the point of view of Muslims today is the year of 1437.

    If you take an interest in the news "from Islam", you involuntarily chuckle: exactly 1437, terry Middle Ages ...

    Once there was a chronology "from the creation of the world." For the Orthodox, it was valid until the Peter's reform of 1700 (according to the current chronology), among the Catholics, the indication of the date of Anno Mundi was practiced until the calculation in the VI century (according to the present ...) of the date of Christmas. The Constantinople era was reckoned from the sixth day of creation, which allegedly took place on March 1, 5508 BC. (March style) and later September 1, 5509 BC. (September style). The Vatican era for Catholics started from other years, and is also ambiguous. In general, there is a lot of confusion out there. If you want to be sure to indicate what year is now from the creation of the world, you can use the number 7524 with a certain degree of certainty.

  • What does "really" mean? There is no "absolute calendar" independent of a person, and cannot be. Any calendar, any chronology was invented by people. From what point to keep chronology, such a year will be. Once upon a time in antiquity they were reckoning from the foundation of this kingdom. Christians lead from the Nativity of Christ. Once in Russia, before the decree of Peter the Great, they kept chronology "from the creation of the World." In Islam, it is led from the Hijra, that is, from July 16, 622 - according to the new style. In Israel - from the time of the "first people", that is, now it is 5773 there. There are other calendars as well. So everything is conditional, everything depends on people.

  • I myself wanted to ask a similar question, because I read one article, which said that the yard should now not be 2012 a year, but 7520, well, I wanted to know what year it really is, but I think I won’t find an answer to this question, because There are many reasonable versions of this account, which contradict each other.

    One thing is to say with confidence that this is not the year that is on the calendar.

  • In Orthodoxy, the principle of chronology from the birth of Christ was adopted. And since this is one of the leading religions, many take it as a basis. This chronology has gone since the times of Byzantium. But there is still a Vedic system of numeration, which was eradicated by Christian civilization. It was strikingly different from the Byzantine and the beginning of life on Earth was conducted not by the birth of Christ, but by the creation of the world. Before Peter I in Russia it was like that, and the new year was celebrated in September, and he issued a decree at the end of 1699, according to which the beginning of the new year was postponed to January 1, and the chronology should be kept in a European style from the birth of Christ, that is, compliance with accepted in the West norms. Thus, according to the Vedic calendar, as far as I know, 7520 is now a year.

  • In the 5 700 year (or so), by decree of Peter I, the new summer calculus was introduced.

    And we have become the year 1700, from the birth of Christ (((

    And so as far as I can judge, on planet Earth, intelligent life has appeared since it became suitable for life. That is, more than one hundred millennia ...

  • I recently read on the Internet that they would add one second to the outgoing 2016 year on New Year's Eve. This is due to the fact that some fractions of seconds annually accumulate and, as a result, time does not correspond to the present moment.

    How many times there were any changes in time and chronology, probably no one exactly knows.

    Comparatively recently, after the October Revolution, there were changes in dates and everywhere indicated events in the new style and in brackets in the old. Not the fact that this was not in more ancient times, in favor of the desires and moods of those in power. And we have only to live and live according to what is written in the current calendar, that is, 2016 year. Moreover, given the short duration of a person’s stay on Earth, during his life with respect to the year in the courtyard, he doesn’t have time to radically change.))

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