Who is the juggernaut?

Who is the juggernaut?

  • In online games (warface and others), something like a boss.

    There are also a number of games with this name.

    The exact form is unknown, since it is a fictional character

  • This word has a lot of meanings. It would be nice to clarify the question. I will probably give the most common values:

    Juggernaut is the term used to denote the emergence of blind, unyielding power. Also Juggernaut is the name of two computer games. One is very old in 1999, the second is a free browser MMORPG, completely new. More Juggernaut called the character Marvel Comics. His real name is Kane Marco.

  • Juggernaut is a huge brawny guy in armor who crashed all his might and power and who was on the side of evil for Magnetto from the X-Men movie, which is based on the comics of MARVEL.

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