The left page in VKontakte, what to do?

The left page in VKontakte, what to do?

  • The support service considers the "application" within XNUMX hours, prepare in advance to defend your position: provide a photo on the background of the profile or personal information ... The only question is one thing - after the successful removal of the "clone" a new one can be created immediately. There was such a thing))) I was tired of writing to the service, despite the fact that they themselves do not know how to deal with it. "There will be more questions - please contact" - and the whole answer. I just notified my acquaintances through the same social network so that they would not be kept - I have only one profile.

  • It is impossible to find out who created the page without the help of a serious hacker) But I have good news for you, you can access this page. Write to the support service that you forgot your login, password (by attaching a link to the twin page). Claim that the page is yours and the photos are proof of that. You should be asked to take a photo with any document against the background of a message from the support service in VKontakte, perhaps some more actions, but there will be no difficulties provided that there are your photos on the page of the double. Or find hackers and for a not very large amount they will hack you (it is not difficult to find them, hacker sites will help you. Then, after reading the correspondence of this person, you can get the information you need)

  • You can complain to support, they will ask for your proof - a screen of your passport on your face, your real page, etc. And this account will be banned.

    But there is no guarantee that the one who needs it will not immediately create a new one. I saw such - only the name is changed a little: instead of Irina, they write Ira, etc.

    Therefore, until you delete it, try to find out for yourself who it could be. First, look for such a hacker in your environment. Or someone who boasts that he makes money on the Internet.

    Make a list of such suspects and go to their page - it will be displayed there when they are online, and when not - make a table (you will then analyze it and find the attacker). Activate the option "My guests" - this person will visit you regularly.

    Create your own fake one, or you can create two: the opposite sex for "dating" and the same sex "for friendship" and invite to games.

    After all, why are they mainly created?

    More often in order to perform the same tasks from 10 people on the boxes and get 10 times more. And for this you need a page similar to a real one, and in order not to get confused in them, they often take from friends and relatives.

    So play with spies - an interesting activity!

    And remove personal information and photos from your page - they don't belong there! Don't flaunt your life to everyone.

    Well, if you can't figure it out, then look for a hacker yourself or ask for help for money on Workzil.

  • I think you won't recognize who created the left page, but try contacting the VKontakte website support service, explain the situation and ask to block it.

    If possible, the page will be blocked. The support service always responds and very kindly explains the difficulties that have arisen.

    Good luck!

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