Can I keep my laptop plugged in at all times?

Can I keep my laptop plugged in at all times?

  • Yes, you can. Keep it for at least a year or two. But there are several nuances. First, one way or another, the charger heats up. Not only is it warming up, it depletes its resource. This means that it will fail faster. Secondly, there may be power surges in the network. This means that the longer the laptop is connected to the network, the higher the likelihood of hitting such a jump. But this is if there is no surge protector. And thirdly. Don't forget about thunderstorms. Lightning has not been canceled, however.

  • At least for the sake of variety, sometimes disconnect from the network, suppose when he leaves for a couple of days ... and so, in principle, keep it plugged in as much as you want - when the laptop was generally not attached to this

  • You can keep the laptop constantly in the outlet, but as zaya77792 correctly advises without a battery. However, one rare and unlikely factor should be taken into account: this is a close lightning strike, as a result of which interference and a powerful impulse may occur in the wiring, which the filter built into the laptop adapter does not always cope with, and the adapter can easily burn out. The laptop itself will most likely not be affected, but you will have to buy an adapter. You can also count here an unlikely damage or an accident in the electrical distribution board of your house, when 220 volts go to the sockets instead of 380, then everything that is plugged into the sockets burns out, even the fuses do not save, but this is very rare, almost never. You should not worry about the power consumption of a laptop that is constantly plugged into the outlet when the laptop is turned off, or in sleep mode, but at the same time it "sits" in the outlet, it consumes only 1-2 watts.

  • I don't know for sure whether or not it is possible to keep the laptop constantly connected to the network, but I have it almost constantly connected to the outlet. I bought it two and a half years ago. The battery lasts 2 hours, that's enough for me. It seems my laptop, before its battery flies, will become morally obsolete. I'll buy a new one, and then I'll give this one to my grandchildren for toys.

  • Yes, in principle, there is no big harm to keep the laptop connected to the mains. Moreover, the rechargeable batteries of recent years are afraid of more complete discharge than being constantly charged. So, apart from a small consumption of electricity, there is no harm.

  • Yes, it doesn't matter - keep it as you like. All these tips are about nothing. No one will really feel any difference in the work of the batteries, depending on how often you turn on the laptop to the network. Doesn't matter

  • I will answer personally by my own example, and observation !! I had one Toshiba laptop. I used it for almost 1.5 years. (I don't have a PC) Then I bought myself a poppy beech, and upgraded the laptop, and installed it as a home PC, bought a monitor, keyboard, mouse. And he continued to work on it, already with less intensity, but he worked with serious programs, tightly used the system. So he stayed with me plugged into the outlet around the clock, and nothing thu, thu It still works fine, and no complaints. Already in the bag he is almost 3 years old. I would upgrade it again, but the capabilities of the motherboard do not allow it.

    So don't worry about it.

  • It is possible if you first remove the battery from it. because so plugged in with a battery, it just kills him (battery)

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