How long is the hard drive designed for?

How long is the hard drive designed for?

  • I have not lived for more than 4 years, but in general it is not entirely correct to measure the work of a hard disk for years, it is more correct to measure it by working hours. Indeed, in one year, let's say the computer worked 12 hours a day every day, and in another year for 2-3 hours on weekends and the degree of wear and tear will be different, respectively.

  • I still have 95 megabyte hard drives in '200.

  • Depends on different conditions and, above all, on the internal design features of the hard drive. More precisely, on how much dust and what got inside, how high-quality materials were used to assemble it, etc.

    I have hard drives that have served for a very long time (and still serve) in a very hard mode of operation, and there are the same hard drives of the same make and model that died literally after a year of not too strong use. Many factors affect the duration of operation of this device and the operating temperature and the power supply play an important role here. But if there is some kind of defect inside the disk, then even this will not save it from premature failure. On average, hard drives are designed for 5 years of operation, but many drives that have lived for these 5 years are able to live even as much.

  • My hard drive, which was bought in 2002, is working and the system is supported on it, my computer had defective RAM (the second one is 1 gigabyte in size, but it was replaced under warranty).

  • There are many different factors that affect the lifespan of a hard drive. For example temperature. Heat the hard disk to 55-60 degrees (only yesterday I met this) and it will die almost immediately, because the disk is sensitive to temperatures and the lower it is, the better. The plus, of course, depends on how you use it. If the disk constantly distributes torrents or is shared in the DC client and is constantly pumped from it, then it will wear out faster. More vibrations, power outages, non-standard shutdown, a lot depends on the power supply. In short, there are a bunch of factors and a small cart. Here they wrote correctly above, it is necessary to measure not by years, but by hours of work.

  • The duration of the hard disk drive depends on the operating conditions. The factory warranty, depending on the manufacturer and type of hard drive, varies from 3 to 5 years. But, subject to regular defragmentation, "cleaning" and gentle operation, without extreme modes, overheating, proper shutdown (in principle, or anything complicated), the hard drive can serve you 7 and 10 years. But, with "age" hard drives, you need to be on the safe side, save and duplicate valuable information on other media: DVD, external hard drive.

    How long is the hard drive designed for?

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