Do I need a radar detector if I'm not speeding?

Do I need a radar detector if I'm not speeding?

  • If you have not used it in a year, then in the future you will also hardly use it. You can sell or give someone for the new year, for example - a good gift.

    I myself also wanted to buy a radar-tetector, but since. I also rarely exceed it, then I bought a registrar with GPS and updated points of the location of cameras, posts, mobile ambushes, etc. I have been traveling with it for a couple of years - there have never been any fines. Also, he informs me in advance about approaching a settlement or a dangerous section of the road. In general, it helps out great, especially in unfamiliar terrain.

  • Well, firstly, with its beeping, the radar detector will warn you that there may be a car with traffic police officers ahead and you will remember that you forgot to buckle up or turn on the dipped headlights, or even forgot your driving license. The radar detector, thus, will save you from a fine, even though you do not exceed the speed.

    Secondly, maybe someday you will go on a long journey (what if you have to?), And on most country roads in Russia the limit is 90 km / h. Even if you drive up to 110 km / h (exceeding up to 20 km / h is not punishable), you can fall asleep if the road is good and the weather is fine. Will you overtake the truck? You will, of course, not go after her, swallowing the stench of the exhaust pipe all the way. And when overtaking - you may not notice and exceed a little. And it is even necessary to often exceed, so as not to collide with the oncoming head-on! So, if the radar detector beeps about the fact that the radar is in front, you will wait with overtaking.

    And still you can just miss the sign indicating that the settlement has begun. And your law-abiding 90 km / h instantly turns into a violation.

    No, in general, this is a very useful thing, in fact, you should not swear that you will never have to exceed - in life there are all sorts of situations, sometimes you need to hurry.

    But if you are definitely sure that here you are - definitely never, then just give it to someone.

  • Most likely not needed, tk. it is designed to warn the driver that he should slow down if he does not want to pay the speeding ticket. Sell ​​it, a less conscientious driver may need =)

  • I think if you have a car, then it is not worth selling even if you do not break it, apparently you drive a little and in a familiar area, I also always adhere to the rules, but in an unfamiliar city or on a highway, cameras can be installed so that without knowing about them almost not it is possible not to violate and even exceeding by 1 km / h will result in a fine, I advise you to put a radar detector if you go to an unfamiliar territory.

  • You don't need it. If a year has passed after you have it, and you did not find it necessary to put it, you yourself give an answer to your question that no.

    I have been driving fine without him in a car for how many years, because, like you, I do not break and I do not exceed the speed anywhere and never.

    Even if I am walking along the highway and no one is there, I adhere to the proverb that whoever drives quieter will always be further.

    You can sell it, or use the New Year, give it to someone, meaning a person who, according to you, deserves it.

    You won it, you didn't buy it. And instead of that something will come to you that you need, according to Feng Shui you need to say goodbye to the things that you had for a year and you did not use them.

    And the radar is needed for those who are paranoid or intruder. Because the first one always thinks that someone is following him. And the second, because it violates.

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  • Sold. I don't need him. The camera is not a camera, I don't care, I follow the rules. In general, I sold and bought my husband a suit that he had long dreamed of. And so, the radar was lying around and gathering dust. I don’t regret that I sold it, I didn’t need it ...

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