PING How to lower the level of PING in the game tanks online?

PING How to lower the level of PING in the game tanks online?

  • Ping is a Windows program. Accordingly, it has nothing to do with the game "Tanks Online" or any other. Ping can be called from within the game, but is not part of it. E task is to check the connection with any computers on the network (both local and the Internet). What is usually said to "increase ping" is actually not quite true either, since in this case, they talk about a specific command parameter - lagout - the signal delay time. Lagout, in turn, characterizes the quality of the connection. And the quality of the connection is due to many reasons. These can be

    1. Traffic congestion on this computer (another application is actively using the Internet, such may be, in particular, a virus).
    2. Network traffic congestion (in your local network or provider’s network, something is actively using the network).
    3. Poor quality or damage to the equipment (for example, poor quality of cable connections, low throughput of network equipment, etc.).
    4. Signal routing (through which servers and devices the signal passes between your computer and the game server) - the longer the signal passes, the worse. By the way, ping can also show the route.
    5. There may be such an interesting option, in which the "Tanks Online" themselves increase the lagout. Ping is a third-party program, if the game overloads the computer, then this will affect the ping operation. Another question is why this happened or is happening. And here the power of the computer, and the presence of viruses or other malicious programs, and the presence of antiviruses, etc., can already affect.
    6. The quality of the services provided and the tariff package of the provider.
    7. The amount of data exchanged by the Tanki Online program itself.

    In the context of the first point, keep in mind that there are programs that like to load the network. Some do it predictably (for example, Skype was caught for this occupation), others are less predictable - often these are all sorts of updates that are downloaded without asking you. Due to the latter point, I prefer to disable automatic updates where possible and put them in on-demand mode.

  • To increase the value of ping in on-line games, you need to contact your Internet service provider (for a simple one to your provider) with whom you have an agreement to increase speed (the tariff will be more expensive). In general, for starters, you need to find out if the provider claims the speed (receive-return). To do this, go to the determinant site (a famous example: the speed test site) and check your speed. If it does not comply with the contract, we solve the problem with the provider. Also, the modem very much affects the speed (cuts the signal) and if possible, be sure to switch to the wired (fiber-optic) type of signal supply. And of course you can’t play, listen to online radio and download torrent at the same time. If the ping is bad, then either play or download.

  • Ping is the data transfer rate between your computer and server. In order to increase it, you need to increase the speed of your Internet. Disabling programs that use Internet traffic such as skype, torrent and others can also help, as well as close unnecessary tabs in the browser.

  • Ping is nothing more than transmitting a signal from your computer to the game server and vice versa. The reasons why it can increase quite a lot, but I will try to describe the most significant ones, just as I will write how you can improve it a little.

    1. Ping directly depends on the speed of your Internet, while both the speed of reception and data transmission are important, since an exchange between servers is necessary. If the speed is low, the most ideal option is to change the provider by taking a faster tariff plan.
    2. Also, the ping will depend on the amount of information that is transmitted and received by the computer at the same time. Let me explain that if you are simultaneously listening to music online or downloading something, Skype or other Internet application is running simultaneously with the game - the speed will be divided into the game and this application. By simply disabling all network connections, except for the game, you will increase the ping.
    3. Also, ping will depend on the amount of game information itself, which must be transmitted to the game server and received back. There will be a slight drop in ping when installing additional mods that improve the gameplay. Simply removing these mods and using a clean client can also raise ping.

    Well, that’s all the main reasons.

  • Ping depends directly on the speed of the connection or on a simple Internet connection, and on the power of the processor, video card, and RAM. Consider all the hardware of the computer called the main. Therefore, either change the Internet, or change the computer. You can also use utilities to clean your computer. They really help sometimes.

  • 1) Fix all possible problems with your Internet connection or, with a high ping, call your provider with this question.

    2) You can use a proxy in this case, this often helps to improve ping performance in the game.

  • To troubleshoot ping, you need to connect a higher internet speed. Achieve a stable internet connection. Close all extraneous windows in the search engine. Close all third-party programs. The higher the ping, the worse.

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