Why does the laptop only work on the network?

Why does the laptop only work on the network?

  • As it seems to me, the problem is in the battery, I had it on the last laptop (Now a computer). As soon as I turned off the network, that is, pulled out the charging cord for the laptop, it instantly turned off. When it was repaired, it turned out that it would be more profitable to buy a new one. Therefore, now I work at a computer, more powerful, more convenient and more profitable as for me. Therefore, if you cannot cope on your own, take the laptop to the master, it may be more profitable to fix it. I hope you can handle your problem. Good luck!

  • Check the battery is most likely worn out.

  • The battery has become unusable.

    It may be possible to "swing" the battery to a working state in the service, but not a fact. If the laptop has been idle for a long time, it may work. If the laptop worked and the battery life was used, then it is better not to fool your head and immediately buy a new battery.

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