Why doesn't Kaspersky see threats that other antiviruses see?

Why doesn't Kaspersky see threats that other antiviruses see?

  • It depends on whether there is a malicious code of the virus in the database with which the antivirus works. The database may need to be updated, or the virus has not yet been added to it

  • It is likely that the database simply does not have such a code, and Casper does not see it. Update the base. And even this is possible: in the settings of Kaspersky there is an option "perform deletion and do not show the report". I described this in my own words, in fact, everything is spelled out in a slightly different way, but I don’t remember how. So dig deeper into the settings, maybe that will burn out.

    That's something like ...

  • By default, Kaspersky Lab products do not include detection of potentially unwanted programs, which in fact are not viruses / Trojans / worms, but can perform other destructive activities.

    Therefore, the antivirus does not detect them, unlike the products of the above vendors.

    Once you have one of the LC products installed (for example, KIS 2016 / KTS 2016 / KAV 2016; if an older version is installed, update!), enable the detection of potentially unwanted software in the product (settings - advanced - parameters of threats and exclusions - detect other programs), start the database update and restart the computer after it is over; run a full virus scan.

    All PUPs will be removed. In the future, their detection will be included at all times.

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