Pokemon GO error Unable to authenticate Please try again - how to fix?

Pokemon GO error Unable to authenticate Please try again - how to fix?

  • Well, everything is simple with this error, you need to wait a while. After all, a large number of players play in Pokemon GO and the game servers simply cannot cope with the volume of work assigned to them. To fix the error, try entering the game a little later.

    In addition, servers always have their own activity status, they can be turned off, preventive maintenance can be carried out, and system problems can be eliminated. You should use the services for monitoring the status of the Pokemon GO servers, they will help you find out if the server is "down", "down", or it is active and the problem lies in something else.

    Even the creators of the game could not imagine that the game would be so popular. Based on this, it follows a logical conclusion that the work of the servers is not yet very well optimized and there are natural problems for the players.

  • Pokemon GO error

    You are trying to log in, but the message "Unable to authenticate. Please try again" appears, which translates as "Failed to log in. Please try again." The error appears due to the heavy load on the servers, if the servers are unstable, intermittently, then wait a little and try to log in again. For those who cannot wait, they offer to log in through a Google account.

    If an error appears, as in the screenshot below, then your device does not have a gyroscope, you can play through the AR mod. Or maybe your gyroscope is not turned on, although almost all models have auto-rotate and you just need to turn it on.

    Pokemon GO error Unable to authenticate Please try again - how to fix?

  • quite a common problem and many have already complained about it. The solution is simple - wait!

    Experienced players say this will help, but sometimes it takes several tries.

    The error occurs due to unstable operation of the servers.

    There is another opinion. They say that if you log in with your Google account, the error will be less common.

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