The hard drive is noisy, is it normal?

The hard drive is noisy, is it normal?

  • No, it's not okay. This is a sign of wear or defect, or ... poor quality, cheapness.

    The sound from spinning is from vibration. Vibration - from loose bearings. Looseness - either from wear or from "high quality" workmanship. Roughly speaking - substandard. A normal laptop hard drive is almost inaudible until bad and heaps of remaps accumulate, so the heads have to jump from one position to another very often. But in this case, the standard sound will be clicks - head jumps, and not the noise from a spinning wheel.

    (if this noise is really from the hard drive, and not from the stopping cooler)

    What is the manufacturer of your CDM?

  • If the disc makes a noise similar to that of a sawmill, then there is clearly a problem with the bearings. This is usually the case with older discs due to wear and tear. If the disc was purchased recently, then there may be a factory defect or there were problems during transportation. It is best to change it under warranty, because such a disk will not work for a long time.

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