How much does a kilogram of lead weigh?

How much does a kilogram of lead weigh?

  • And what have the jokes? Lead weighing 1 kg weighs about 9.8 Newtons at the level of the Earth. On the Moon it will be 7 times less, on the Sun - more by a factor of several. In zero gravity, nothing will weigh at all.

  • I will not deal with mathematical calculations, but I will try to explain the problem by Archimedes' law. One kilogram of lead will actually weigh more, and this difference will be equal to the weight of air that can fit into a volume of lead weighing one kilogram. I think this is understandable.

  • If you wrote how much lead weight is in a kilogram, then in my opinion in nm there is 1 kilogram, well, to be more precise, and write in grams, then 1000 grams. This is a question from relatives to a question that is heavier than 1 kg of fluff or 1 kg of lead, a puzzle for your savvy.

  • A kilogram of lead weighs exactly the same as a kilogram of aluminum. And also as much as a kilogram of any other substance weighs. Naturally, the same item will have different weights on different planets. But ... The weight will be different, but the mass is always the same.

  • P = m * g = 1kg * 9,8 m / s.sec = 9,8 kg m / s.sec = 9,8 Newtons.

    And this is not a joke, this is a serious matter - this is physics, this is science - stop fooling around,

    it's time to seriously study. Or do you think all your life to "shine" with yard-attic


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