Will pictures, documents, programs be preserved when upgrading to Windows 10?

Will pictures, documents, programs be preserved when upgrading to Windows 10?

  • Pictures, music, documents are saved, but at the expense of programs it is impossible to say 100 percent. If you update now, the assembly from November 2015 is installed. It may remove some, in your opinion, incompatible programs.

  • When choosing "Upgrading to Windows 10"All documents (including pictures) and installed programs are saved. Of course, a check will be made for their compatibility. But I do not think that there will be problems with compatibility.

    In a clean install, of course, the sun will die. So it's a good idea in front of her to copy your profile (Documens and settings -> Username) to another section. After installation, return it back. In this case, all valuable will be saved, and many newly installed programs will pick up the settings from the saved profile.

    It is a good idea to store your profile in a different section. As a last resort, even your own folder with documents.

    I use the second option - it's much easier. Here the new path to the folder with documents is simply indicated.

    You will have to tinker with the transfer of the entire profile. There is about this on the Internet.

  • When you upgrade the operating system from windows 7 to windows 10 (if you had a licensed windows 7), all your information stored on the hard drive is saved. If you had an unlicensed windows 7, then when you upgrade to windows 10 anything can happen (that is, it is better to save the data to an external storage device and then transfer it back after the upgrade). When the windows 10 operating system itself installs updates, or you manually install updates for windows 10, nothing happens to the contents of your files. Everything will remain in place. The exceptions are production files not from microsoft, but from other manufacturers. In this case, anything can be.

  • Yes, everything is saved without loss. When you turn on the computer for the first time after updating to the tenth version, everything will be in place, the only thing for normal operation will be to update the drivers as well. But this is usually offered by utilities from the computer manufacturer.

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