Is the sun going down?

Is the sun going down?

  • It decreases every second due to thermonuclear reactions. And this process will take another couple of billions of years. For our age just enough. So while there is nothing to worry. During this time, people can dig in on Mars. People like cockroaches. Never be lost.

  • Due to intense radiation, the Sun loses more than 4mln tons of matter per second. But based on the mass of the star, this value is negligible.

  • It decreases in mass, but at the same time increases in its linear dimensions.

    This apparent paradox is associated with the mechanism of energy generation in the solar core - the hydrogen cycle, when one helium nucleus is formed from four protons (hydrogen nuclei). With the consumption of hydrogen and the accumulation of helium, the equilibrium conditions of this reaction shift, and the luminosity of the star increases. Now the sun is almost one and a half times brighter than in the days of its youth. And the further, the more will become both the luminosity of the Sun and its linear size.

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