Are there viruses in the Play Market?

Are there viruses in the Play Market?

  • In the market itself, no, but in the applications that are there, I think so. Because I seem to be downloading it myself, only from the play market I still managed to pick up an ad virus. So, no one is insured there either.

  • Well, if we are talking about an android, then what kind of viruses can there be? In fact, an android is a hybrid of Java and Linux, and viruses in nm simply cannot exist. The only thing that can be all sorts of programs like SMS bouncers.

  • Alas, there are viruses in the Play Market, of course, not in the applications themselves, because they try to check everything in a timely manner.

    But it often happens that I install a regular application from Google Play, which then already requests information from some third-party server, as in the case of displaying ads, but from there the real viruses or Trojans are downloaded and installed, and even without notifications (only today three had to be deleted at once).

    Anything can be expected from them, so the easiest way would be to prohibit installation from unknown sources, then there should be no such problems.

  • There are malicious ones. Apps are added to the store after being verified by automated testing systems. Ideally, every application should be human verified.

  • Viruses for android do not exist, this is how malware such as Trojans and worms are usually called. Therefore, it is better to call them that, malware, although I, like everyone else, call them viruses, the easier it is, the more the essence is similar, both are unpleasant and you need to remove them if possible. I basically caught them by completing tasks to download an application for a few rubles in applications for earning money on android smartphones. Naturally I downloaded it in the play market. After that, weird things began, then advertising crawls out everywhere, then the phone itself, without permission, shakes and installs various applications. After user complaints, these harmful applications are removed, but there are actually a lot of them there. I installed Doctor Web antivirus, and now it warns me about viruses, and as soon as it was installed, it found 11 adware malware.

  • Yes, there are applications with viruses, but there are very few such applications. A lot of applications are released per day and people cannot check so many applications. He put a robot that will check for all of them. But alas, robots are not ideal. Robots cannot understand everything.

  • There can be no viruses or harmful viruses in the play market, Play Market. Because Google carefully checks every application for viruses, every file that is added to the play market, Play Market. I often download various applications and games in this market and have never encountered viruses.

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