I turn on Doctor Web 25 viruses and Avast not a single one why see?

I turn on Doctor Web 25 viruses and Avast not a single one why see?

  • Doctor Web Anti-Virus is an ancient and respected one, which has proved its effectiveness more than once. Avast antivirus is younger, but also pretty good, as they say.

    The difference in their readings may be due to the fact that both programs use different algorithms for searching and detecting malware. In addition, Doctor Web's anti-virus database many times more Avasta databases (the Doctor uses a unique system for recording definitions). Although there may be a variant of false positives. And (here it is purely my guess) there may be a variant of the Doctor's simple "reinsurance" reinsurance based on a single case of some malicious behavior or an agreement with the manufacturer of licensed programs).

    There are several simple ways to determine if antivirus software is working properly and if it is leaky. For example, you can run one or two more antiviruses through the system, you can check the infected files found by the Doctor on checker sites, you can contact the Doctor's technical support service (they will check it in more depth), you can contact the sites specializing in antivirus help. Etc.

    In my opinion, it is easier to see where the malware is located and if these are not some important files, then just treat them or delete them.

    Although you write that 25 viruses were found not by Doctor Web, but by CureIt !. This scanner digs deeply and efficiently. I advise you to listen to him.

  • Doctor Web has an anti-virus database of over 7 million viruses and malware, while AVAST has only over 4 million. The difference is almost 2 times. It turns out that almost half of the viruses that are included in the DrWeb anti-virus database are simply not recognized by AVAST and will not be found during the scan.

    In addition, DrWeb considers some programs to be malicious, even if they are not - I have encountered this. For example, the antispyware program Spyware Terminator is considered by DrWeb to be malicious. DrWeb also considers all programs developed by Iobit to be malicious.

    Those who use the free AVAST antivirus should also install a firewall (for example, COMODO), an antispyware (for example, Spyware Blaster), and sometimes check their computer for viruses with free antivirus scanners DrWebCureIt and Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool downloaded from the official websites of the developers ...

  • Avast just has a more nordic character

    and steadfastly endures all sorts of dirty inclinations

    no universal antivirus

    any antivirus allows a lot of viruses that are simply unknown to him

    an example of this are viruses custom-designed by defense structures of attacks worth several million dollars

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