Why do sailors need a barometer? What can be measured with a barometer?

Why do sailors need a barometer? What can be measured with a barometer?

  • The barometer is designed to measure atmospheric pressure. The barometer is needed not only by sailors, but also by many other people in the house. I also have a barometer at home. By moving the barometer needle, you can determine if a cyclone or anticyclone is approaching. If the barometer needle moves relatively quickly to the left, then a storm is approaching. If the barometer needle moves to the right, then the sky will soon clear up. This is one of the ways to observe the weather. The barometer readings allow you to compare the actual weather data with the weather forecast.

  • The barometer - most often the Aneroid is needed by sailors to know what is the current atmospheric pressure at a given point. Atmosphere. Everywhere it has its own, but pressure helps to predict the weather. On aneroids they write like this: storm, dry land, calm and what else.

  • Complicated name barometer. Incomprehensible. Foreign. No wonder one famous person suggested changing his name a little. For this device to be called Buremeter. Then the questions - what can be measured by the barometer would not arise. )

  • The name itself says what it is for. Barometer is a complicated word. A bar is a unit of pressure equal to the atmospheric air pressure at ocean level at standard air temperature. The second part of the word "meter" means measurement. It is clear that the word barometer is designed to measure atmospheric pressure.

  • It is known that the state of the weather depends on the movement of air masses. And this movement is provoked by the state of atmospheric pressure and, in accordance with the laws of physics, air masses tend to move from a high-pressure region to a low-pressure region. That is why one glance at the readings of the device, which is called a barometer, is enough to predict the deterioration of the weather if the arrow has gone into an area of ​​reduced pressure. To be sure, you can lightly tap on the glass of the device to make it move the arrow from the frozen mark.

    For sailors barometer reading were the main ones for determining an approaching storm or calm long before they began to inform about it using satellite systems for observing the state of cyclonic vortex flows.

    Why do sailors need a barometer? What can be measured with a barometer?

  • The sailors need a barometer in order to know what pressure is now. What it was, what it will be. This greatly helps to determine what the weather will be like. And also whether there is a possibility of a storm and (or) a hurricane. Before the occurrence of bad weather, the barometer needle drops, indicating reduced pressure. And the more it falls, the more bad the weather will be (as a rule). I think it is necessary and useful not only for sailors, but also for people of other professions and occupations. For climbers, for example. And many others. Who spends time in nature and is in direct contact with the elements. In everyday life, the aneroid barometer is also a good thing. Meteo-dependent people can help determine the further course of atmospheric pressure. And it can help to determine how to behave, maybe not to leave the house somewhere, to be careful. If some kind of cataclysm is brewing. In addition, the aneroid barometer looks good in the interior of the house. Compact, convenient, safe and cute thing. Something resembling a watch with a dial. I remember I had an aneroid barometer in my youth. There was a pressure scale, a temperature scale and one more arrow. Which you could twist yourself and which you could mark and record the past indicators of atmospheric pressure. Then it stopped working, I don't remember why. I'll have to buy it on occasion. A useful thing in the house. It is good to listen to weather forecasts. But "It's better to see once ..". Maybe I'll buy it on occasion, I don't think it will cost a lot of money. Thanks for the question!

    Why do sailors need a barometer? What can be measured with a barometer?

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