Blocking sites: how to get around? How to remove site blocking permanently

If you use the services of the Internet (and this is definitely the case, because otherwise you could not read this article), and also live in the Russian Federation, then you probably know what a site blocking is. For you, this is expressed in the fact that the provider, referring to the decision of Roskomnadzor or some other administrative body, or some other "weighty" reason, blocks access to this or that site. Therefore, of course, you cannot go to this resource in the future.

We will devote this article to an overview of this issue. In it, we will look at the reasons why sites can be banned, as well as technologies that make it easy to get around. You will learn how to turn off blocking of sites, despite any attempts by the provider to prevent you from accessing a particular resource.

How do we go to the site?

So, first, in order to understand how site blocking works, you need to understand a little about how we get to this or that resource, how the Internet works in general, and why someone might not allow us somewhere. Let's start with a bunch - DNS, IP and domain name.

site blocking program

So, you know that the Internet through which you access the network is provided by your provider. Every month you make payments for using its services, choose tariffs, speed, and so on. The provider, in turn, directs you to DNS servers that process your request when you try to visit a particular resource. The DNS server, in turn, translates your request and redirects you to the IP address where the site is located. And the domain name of a site (for example, is just a literal expression of an IP address, which is easier to read.

Locking mechanism

If you want to know what site blocking is, how to bypass it, you need to understand at what level the resource was blocked. The first level - the easiest - is DNS blocking. Removing it is quite simple - use the public servers, which are now full. These addresses are now provided by Google, Comodo, Norton, DNS Advantage and other service providers. You just need to register their DNS numbers in your computer settings to use them. Since there are no restrictions on public servers, you can log into VK or another service without any problems.

disable site blocking

Domain name blocking is a more serious problem that can only be solved by using the site's "mirrors". "Mirror" is an alternative resource address to which you can connect if the provider has blocked the main domain. For example, if is the primary mirror, then a mirror can be created at or at As a rule, site organizers indicate alternative domains if necessary.

Blocking by resource IP address is the most difficult. Therefore, we will talk specifically about it: how to bypass the blocking of sites by the provider in this case and what needs to be done for this.

how to bypass the blocking of sites by the provider

For your information: in this article we do not consider the so-called "local" locking. This is another way of banning visits to sites, which is created by a special program to block sites. Such a solution can be used in offices, for example, with the aim of preventing employees from spending their working time on social networks and games. To get around this prohibition, you can use the same tools that will be discussed below.

Reasons why sites are blocked

In general, we must not forget about the reasons why certain Internet sites are amenable to blocking. This is necessary, at least, in order to understand why your favorite site cannot be visited.

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why VK, Youtube or other entertainment service was blocked for you is a strict boss trying to make you work. Let's just say that this is the most simple and uncomplicated reason that encourages you to distract yourself from unnecessary entertainment and work for the good of your company. In addition to her, there are other versions of why a particular resource is blocked.

Some of its users are forced to look for how to bypass the blocking of sites, "Rostelecom". It is a nationwide telecom service provider. Like other operators of this market, it is subject to the regulations of Rospotrebnadzor, an administrative body that also controls information, including on the Internet. It is capable of banning sites that can be called "extremist", "fraudulent" or other categories that mean that the resource is outlawed. Thus, in order to get on it, you will need to know how to bypass the blocking of prohibited sites.

how to bypass chrome site blocking

Another option is already coming from other blocking subjects. For example, some sites that violate copyright are prohibited by the Google search engine and other resources that control the Internet in one way or another. Also, sites can be blocked by government bodies of other countries, because they contain illegal materials. The latter include child pornography and bestiality, resources that promote excessive violence, various discriminatory sites and the like. They are, in principle, fought with in many countries of the world, but their popularity does not fall because of this.

how to bypass the blocking of sites by Rostelecom

Thus, in general, we can say that resources are blocked in two directions: illegal (recognized by such administrative authorities), and also unwanted to view (for example, during working hours).

The most famous blocked resources

From the group of the first, various sensational projects can be distinguished. For example, this is Wikileaks, which publishes materials that compromise the activities of the intelligence services of different countries. They try to block the site, close it, but it continues to work successfully.

Also, speaking of popular resources to be blocked around the world, TOP and Silk Road should be noted. The first is a whole system of encrypted data transmission, and the second is a catalog of drugs that can be ordered anywhere in the world. The turnover of the latter is estimated in billions, and the US special services have long been trying to suppress the activity of the resource. In the TOP, in addition to drugs, they also distribute illegal pornography with children and animals.

Some countries have their own "forbidden fruits". For example, in China they block Google, and in the DPRK - Wikipedia, Facebook and other major services. All this is done artificially by the governments of states in order to limit the flow of information that comes to users from abroad.

The general picture of bypassing blocking

So, to make it clear how to remove site blocking, let's look at the general principle of its operation and bypass options. As already noted, the provider blocks either Ip, or DNS, or a domain name (most often the first one). The blocking means that the user's computer simply cannot connect to the site's computer (that is, the server on which the Internet resource is located). However, such a ban on connection is direct, that is, for example, we cannot go to At the same time, we can go to any other server, from which the blocking for visiting the search engine will be removed. This means that we will bypass the limited connection and go to Google "bypassing". In fact, any site blocking works on the same principle. How to get around it in practice - read on. We think you got the essence.

We use anonymizers

Now we will begin to analyze those tools that will help in bypassing blocking of Internet resources in more detail. This will be the answer to the question of how to bypass the blocking of sites by the provider. Let's start with anonymizers - this is the name for services that allow you to hide your Internet traffic, encrypt it. They will also help us bypass the blocking of other sites, since the traffic passed through the anonymizer cannot be monitored by the provider, which means that you can safely go to any resource. The beauty of such services is that you yourself choose how to bypass the blocking of sites: apply the Chrome add-on (install a special Add-on for the browser), or simply go to the pages through anonymizing sites. The first option is, of course, more convenient, but the second is much faster to work with. Among the most popular anonymizing services are: Hidemyass, Anonymouse, ShadowSurf, ProxyWeb, PageWash and others. They work quite simply: the site interface is presented in the form of a line, which must be filled in with the address of the resource you would like to get to. Later, this resource opens in a window and, thus, the ban of your provider on visiting it is bypassed (since in fact you are not going to a prohibited site, but to Hidemyass, Anonymouse, and so on). The scheme is extremely simple, but effective. Moreover, the use of most of these services at a primitive level is free of charge, which makes it unnecessary to invest if you want to know how to bypass the blocking of a website by Roskomnadzor, for example.

Proxy as an effective circumvention tool

Another way to get around the ban on visiting the site is proxy servers. A proxy server is a channel that can redirect a user to any final destination. In fact, these are computers that are located somewhere in another country through which you can access any service, website, and so on. In this case, you will be assigned an IP and will not be afraid of blocking sites. How to bypass it with a proxy server? It's very simple - just use a special program to change addresses if you have a lot of them; or you need to register the proxy address (server URL and its port) in your browser settings.

Lists of proxy servers available for use can be found on the websites, and others. In addition to free lists, there are those that can be accessed for a certain amount. Moreover, such lists are used, as a rule, by professional programmers and hackers. For home use, free proxy lists are most likely suitable for you.

VPN - encrypted "in full"

Another technology of how to bypass the blocking of sites (this is Rostelecom or any other operator - it does not matter) is VPN. This tool is a "tunnel" of your computer's encrypted connection to a destination server. Its beauty lies in the fact that all data that will be transmitted during the session will be encrypted, and technically no one can intercept them. This means not only the complete anonymity of all your actions at the computer, but also the security of the transmitted data and, of course, the option of how to bypass the blocking of the Odnoklassniki website (and not only).

To use a VPN, you need to install a client program on your computer. It should also be noted that the servers through which your data will be transmitted do not work for free. You need to pay for using VPN technology from $ 5 per month, depending on the degree of protection. And, of course, the solution to the question: "How to bypass the blocking of sites by the administrator?" this cannot be the case, as your network admin will most likely notice the installation of the software required to encrypt the data. But on your home computer, you can enjoy complete freedom of action.

Among the most popular services that provide VPN data encryption services are:,,,, and others. The difference between them lies in the geography of the location of the servers, as well as the cost of final services and the depth of encryption of data transmission. The more servers will be involved in the scheme of work, the more likely it will be that it will be unrealistic to track where you actually go. And, most likely, no one will do this.

TOR - forget about blocking

Another, more secret and inherently complex security, can be called the TOR program. In fact, if you remember, we already briefly mentioned it at the beginning of the article, so now we will describe the principle of operation in detail.

blocking sites how to bypass

The application consists of many personal computers connected to a single network. Information between them is transmitted through special encrypted channels that are constantly changing, which makes it impossible to track them. In addition, the number of participants in the TOR system changes, which is why it is a real "headache" for the special services. Repeatedly they tried to curtail it, drown it out and in some other way liquidate it. However, TOR is alive.

As already noted, the system has a whole market for narcotic drugs that can be ordered and sold using encrypted information transmission channels. In addition, the TOR has a gigantic catalog of pornography, mostly of a prohibited nature, which is not allowed on the "regular" Internet on a simple hosting. Due to this, an increasing number of people are connected to TOR, and the control services just shrug their shoulders. For us, this program can come in handy if we do not know how to bypass the blocking of the VKontakte website and others prohibited by some administrative body. In addition to the fact that with the program you will have access to any resource from any country in the world, you can also maintain anonymity using it. Thus, you do not need to worry about any prosecution for violating the ban - no one will simply be able to track your computer.

Some moral

As you can see, in this article we have described several ways at once of what blocking sites is, how to bypass it and make sure that no one suspects you of anything. Perhaps, for some users, the described instructions may seem like something complicated and inaccessible, but this is not so. Each of the tools listed in this article can be used by someone who owns a PC at a basic level. As a rule, no special knowledge is required in order for the site blocking program to prevent you from visiting this or that resource.

However, it should be understood that we do not call for violation of the established legislation. All materials are presented here for informational purposes only. After all, if an Internet site was banned from visiting and blocked by your provider, this means that it is not recommended to enter it, it contains materials, including those that can harm you. The question arises: "Do you need to bypass the blocking of such a site?"

how to bypass the blocking of sites by the administrator

It is one thing when an information resource that is not suitable for the regime in the state is blocked, which you are interested in purely for acquaintance; and another, when users watch pirated films (although everyone does so), order drugs or distribute them, buy weapons or view pornography. If we talk about the latter, then such bans, on the contrary, protect some users (for example, children) from such materials, which is a clear benefit. And of course, in this case, the measures that are being taken by providers around the world can be called positive.

In addition, some services can be used not only to unlock resources, but also to protect your data, including personal data, about your location.

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