What to do if the flash drive is broken?

What to do if the flash drive is broken?

  • If there is information on a flash drive, I would definitely restore it. For the sake of this information.

    If the flash drive is empty, you need to immediately throw it away! She will fail you at a crucial moment. After all, now flash drives are much cheaper than repairing them. But the reliability of flash repair will not add. Is it worth the risk?

  • Repairing flash drives is not a rewarding business. If the flash drive is malfunctioning (buggy), you can try to format it. Quite often, this procedure solves the problem. If the formatting did not bring a positive result, I personally would say goodbye to such a flash drive and buy a new one.

  • depending on what kind of breakdown. I threw mine out, since the computer did not see it at all, and could not fix it. On the Internet, read the forum, you will surely find the information you need ... One friend of mine repaired a USB flash drive, but he could not mine ...

  • Of course, it makes no sense to use a broken flash drive and better buy a new one. And for the information contained there is sometimes worth fighting. I had a case with a broken flash drive (in my case it was a screw in 40 gigs), when I had to pretty much tinker with programs that restore files even from damaged media.

  • Virtually nothing you do. Often they die gradually. At first they do not come off on some other computers, then on all others. You wonder at home working, and in another place not. All the time came out soon and it will stop working for you. Rather, change it.

  • You just need to think about whether it should be done, because they will take half or even more for repairs, the price of a new flash drive and not the fact that it will continue to work well if there is data on the flash drive without which you don’t do, it is better to go to the service and pull out the data with the help of low-level scanning, there are such experts, and buy a new USB flash drive.

  • After reading all of the above and adding my own experience, I can say the following.

    1. If the flash drive has physical damage, then the probability of recovery is 50/50. It's all about where the fault line went, if only along the body - then you can insert the core into the USB port. If the fault is along the controller line, write a pipe. Nobody will undertake to solder such trifles.
    2. If the flash drive is damaged by software, then formatting is not exactly the way flash drives are repaired. All kinds of restorers - I tried those that came with my own flash drive - a dead poultice. The failure was such that I bring it to the store - everything works, I bring it home - it is not even recognized.
    3. Is there really nothing you can do ??? In fact, yes! Although ... No, definitely not. Discard all the stories that someone has succeeded. In reality, it's easier to save files somewhere on the Internet. Difficulties with the Internet may arise, but the safety is high.
  • What to do if the flash drive is broken?

    In general, I know only two options, you can try to bring it in for repair, but you can just throw it away. But personally, I would have thrown it away, since repairing flash drives is not a rewarding job, in the end it will be even more expensive, it's easier to buy a new one !!

    What to do if the flash drive is broken?

  • It's easier to buy a new USB flash drive than to spend money on repairing an old one, it seems to me. Of course, if there is no particularly valuable information on it, for the sake of which it is worth "fighting for the life of a flash drive." Then try to give it for repair, and there you will be told whether it can be restored.

    In order to avoid such a threat of losing important information, I advise you to save such particularly important files on special resources for storage on the Internet.

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