Why do cooling towers and nuclear power plants need cooling towers (see)?

Why do cooling towers and nuclear power plants need cooling towers (see)?

  • And not only there, at metallurgical plants they are also being built, at coke plants, several of them work. Cooling towers are cooling towers, structures for cooling circulating water before sending it back to the heating (or cooling) circuit, or cooling already treated wastewater before discharging it into a reservoir (so as not to boil all living creatures directly in the river with boiling water, otherwise it is not good will work). They are usually built when there is not enough free space for the construction of large cooling pools.

  • Cooling towers at TPPs and NPPs are designed not only and not so much for cooling the circulating water, but primarily for condensing the exhaust steam discharged from the last stage of the turbine of an electric generator and for heating fresh water from an open water tank supplied to compensate for water losses from hot water supply systems. Since the heat from the condensation of exhaust steam in cooling towers is emitted into the atmosphere (steam always swirls above the cooling towers), it makes no sense to save heat in houses heated by thermal power plants and nuclear power plants. It's better to heat the house than to dump heat into a cooling tower.

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