How to get rid of advertising in the mailbox?

How to get rid of advertising in the mailbox?

  • Advertising now climbs everywhere, even if in general no side was shining with its mailbox. I have such a box, which is generally used, but the advertisement gets so much as if my box is registered wherever possible.

    Try entering the addressee with advertisements into the spam folder, it often helps. If there are not very many advertisements, then it is better not to bother and just delete.

  • The SPAM button is provided in the mailbox, if I don’t want to receive advertising from any site, then I just tick off this advertisement, and then press the SPAM button. This usually helps get rid of unnecessary advertising, it comes to the Spam folder.

  • Delete manually. Alas, no one has yet created an ideal antispam filter, and it is impossible to create one, because "for every cunning ... there is always a screw with a left-hand thread" (c). Anti-spam filters are often removed as spam, which is not spam and allow outright spam to pass. You have to put up with this and delete unnecessary letters manually, and look for the necessary ones in the spam folder.

  • I managed to solve the indicated problem by installing the Guard program. Before this, the Adblock Plus application was installed, but it did not solve the problem of advertising in the Yandex mailbox. Currently there is no e.

    How to get rid of advertising in the mailbox?

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