How do I change the date the document was created in Word?

How do I change the date the document was created in Word?

  • If you do the work on your computer, then you need to change the date in the settings. Put the one you need. The previously created document is deleted before saving it on an external disk. Copy, create again, save with new date.

    And when the network is corporate, and you need to get out today for the day before yesterday's report? Can someone tell me the best way. But I think that one should at least begin to perform work on the day that is extreme for the end. Date of creation of the document is fixed. On the day of the final delivery we quickly close in the office and finish. The date of editing the final version will be saved, but the creation date will be what you need. Just think, something added or a slip corrected.

    • It is necessary to set up yourself to do the docks on time, but at least to begin work on time.
  • Theoretically, you can try, but do the manipulations not in the Word, but in the computer settings. So, press start - control panel - time and date. We set the date we need (the date of submission or submission of the report). Then open our Word document, press CTRL + A (select everything). We fold our document. Create a new Word document (empty) and paste there what you copied using the CTRL + V keyboard shortcut.

    The idea is to ride. Send a report, and then do not forget to set the current date and time.

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