How to update Google Play - instructions

Google Play services embedded in Android systems are one of the most important elements in the sense that they allow you to download a variety of programs and applications, having complete confidence in the safety of the downloaded content. But sometimes problems arise, and the system starts to display messages like "Please update Google Play services to launch the application." What is the reason for this and how to fix such situations, now it will be considered.

Benefits of updating the Google Play service

Google Play storage was introduced to the mobile world back in 2012. Since then, all kinds of updates have been constantly released for the application of the same name, focused not only on the quality of the applet itself or improving its usability.

how to update google play

The service itself contains a huge amount of information, but the software presented in the repository may contain the same malicious codes. That is why the installation of the freshest updates very often relieves the owners of mobile devices from the headache regarding the security system. Updates, in a sense, are even capable of patching holes and gaps in it. In addition, if the service is not updated in time, some functions may become unavailable.

Automatic update

First, let's dwell on the question of how to update Google Play services automatically. Here, the user does not need to do anything himself.

update google play services

Any version of the Android operating system has built-in automation for installing the latest updates, and it is better not to disable this option. As soon as the presence of an established Internet connection is determined, the system starts searching for available updates. This applies not only to the Google Play application, but also to all other installed components, including many additional services.

How do I update Google Play? It couldn't be easier. If the download does not start automatically, you need to pay attention to the upper part of the screen, where a message appears stating that so many applications are waiting for confirmation of the update. You need to click on this line, after which the download and installation will begin. So why, then, the "Update Google Play Service" error may appear if everything should work in automatic mode? There may be many reasons for this.

What if I can't update Google Play services?

First of all, if you receive a message about the impossibility of updating, you should check the quality of the connection. Probably, there was a problem downloading the updates.

The simplest solution to the question of how to update Google Play in this case will be a banal reconnection (you may need to reboot the device as well). On the other hand, you should check the free space on the internal storage, since temporary files are downloaded there by default and not on the removable SD card.

error update google play service

You can view the information in the settings, where the memory section is selected. If you run out of space, you just need to delete unnecessary or unused applications, as well as heavy user files (for example, photos and videos).

Failed to update app (Google Play services): manual update

But what if everything is fine with the connection and there is enough space? In such a situation, you can try to update Google Play and all related services manually.

unable to update google play services

To do this, first launch the application, and then enter the settings section. If you scroll from top to bottom, the most recent is the installed build. If it is relevant, the system will display a message that there are no updates for this version. Otherwise, the update process will start (naturally, with an activated Internet connection). Along the way, it is worth paying attention to the fact that checkboxes are set in front of the notification lines of new versions of applications or confirmation of auto-update. But in this case, failures are possible.

Correction of possible crashes

Most errors are related to cache and memory overflows. That is why, before trying to install updates, all this needs to be thoroughly cleaned. You can use special utilities like the mobile version of CCleaner, but if they are not installed, cleaning can be done using Android tools.

failed to update app google play services

In the settings, you should go to the applications section, select the "All" tab and find the necessary elements there. When entering the parameters, you should stop the service or program, delete the cache and data, and then try to update it again.

Not so long ago, a problem was identified with the updates of Google Play services themselves. In this situation, in the menu of each application, you must use the button for uninstalling updates. Very often this approach solves the problem.

Service update

How to update Google Play is already clear. Now a few words about related services. If their update does not start automatically, or failures and errors occur during the update process, you should use the Google Play application itself, where in the main menu (when flipping the start page from the left edge of the gadget to the right), you should select the section of your applications and the tab of installed applets.

update google play services to run the application

Next, all programs available on this device will be shown, including those that cannot be removed. To solve the problem of how to update Google Play services, we use scrolling down and find the service we are interested in. We tap on it, and then use the "Update" button (in order not to enter the program, you can simply click on the update link in the lower right corner or press the button to update all programs, not just individual services).

Instead of the total

It remains to say that the issue of installing updates for Google Play and additional services is not limited to the above solutions only. In the event of persistent failures, you can use drastic methods regarding resetting to factory settings. In this case, first, all installed applets will be removed, and when the device is restarted, the system will offer to connect to the Internet, enter your account and restore everything that was on the device before the reset. But here you need to pay attention to the use of backup and restore on the device itself. When restoring, updates for all components will be installed automatically, including Google Play and additional services.

In the most critical case, if nothing helps at all, you will have to perform a so-called hard reset, and then deal with installing updates for a particular component. But in most cases, only what has been described above will be sufficient. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the connection, the availability of free space on the drive and clearing the cache. As a rule, emergency situations are associated with these conditions.

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