How to delete silently the page?

How to delete silently the page?

  • On each VK page there is a form - delete a page, click and delete with the possibility of recovery. And all your friends, instead of your page, see a sad inscription such and such and such Silently deleted the page

  • We go to the contact, go to the left in the menu item "Settings", scroll down the page to the end where we will find the link "You can delete your page".


    Next, select the reason for deleting the page in the contact and delete it completely. To silently delete, we do not choose anything, since the programmers in the contact have several ready-made phrases that friends will see in the news, depending on the chosen reason for deleting the account.

    delete vc

    The page in contact can be restored within a month by the phone number to which it is attached.

    About deleting accounts in social networks is described in detail here.

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