How to change the start page in Opera. Home page "Opera"

Opening the browser, the user first sees the start page. Her address is registered in the settings. Each program intended for viewing Internet sites has such a function. This is intended primarily for the convenience of users. Homepage if you wish, you can always change. Make it very easy. This article will detail how to change the start page in the "Opera".

In what cases you may need to change your home page.

Immediately after downloading, installing and opening a browser, the user usually sees the start page of the official site of his development company. Of course, it must be removed and put your own. Sometimes the start page may change without the user's knowledge, especially after downloading and installing some software. Very often, the well-known service and the Webalta company come in this way. This is done in order to get additional users. Among other things, the once chosen start page may simply become irrelevant. In this case also have to replace it.

The question of how to change the start page in Opera can also arise in connection with the banal penetration of the virus into the system. This is a fairly frequent cause of its sudden change. Of course, in this case it is worthwhile to use a special anti-virus program and scan the computer. You can use, for example, one of the Kaspersky Lab products.

Change the page

So, how to change the start page in Opera? This is done very simply. It changes in the browser settings. Click on the “Tools” menu item and click on the “General Settings” line. After that, a dialog box will appear in which you can go to the “Basic” tab.

how to change the start page in opera

In the first line “At startup” you can choose what will be opened when the browser starts: home page, just the express panel or a saved session. The launch window or those pages that were working when the browser was closed the previous time can also be displayed. Of course, the home page is very convenient, and many users choose this setting.

In order to open exactly the site that is needed, its address should be entered in the second line “Home”. In the same tab, you can configure the browser to receive pop-up windows in a particular mode. The default is the Block Unsolicited function. You can change the settings to “Accept”, “Reject” or “Open in the background”. The bottom section is intended to select the language of the Opera browser interface. It is very convenient if, at startup, the program opens, for example, “Yandex”. At the same time, the start page in the “Opera” is established in the manner described above, that is, by entering the address of the said search engine.

how to make the opera homepage

How to remove unwanted homepage

On the question of how to change the start page in Opera, there is one more answer. Sometimes it’s impossible to remove any annoying site simply by changing the settings. In this case, you will have to perform more complex actions. To restore the browser will need to run the "Registry Editor". Click on the "Start" button or on the checkbox on the keyboard. Next, in the search bar, you need to register the regedit command. Then click on Enter.

change the start page in the opera

In case you worked on the system as a regular user before performing these actions, Windows will ask you to confirm your actions by entering the administrator password. This will open the editor. Here you will need to open the "Edit" tab and click on "Find". Next, in the search box should enter the name (or part of the name) of the site, which opens after the start of "Opera".

After the search results are displayed, you need to pay attention to the “Value” column in the working window (the last one). If you find the name you are looking for that relates to the loading site, you should delete it by clicking on the F3 button. Thus, it is necessary to remove all unnecessary values ​​from the registry. After that, launch the Opera browser and change the address of the home page to the one you need.

Yandex start page in opera

What you should know

So, we figured out how to change the start page in Opera. As you can see, the procedure is not too complicated. However, you should be aware that the changes made will not take effect immediately. In order for the settings to change, the browser will need to be restarted. It is advisable to check their activity after that.

Sometimes the Opera browser is designed in such a way that the toolbar at the top is not visible. In this case, in order to get into the settings, you just need to click on the Opera logo in the upper left corner. Next, find the item "Settings" and perform all the necessary actions.

How to change the home page in Chrome

We found out how to make the “Opera” the starting page, or rather, where to enter the address of the required site. Now let's see how you can change the settings of other well-known browsers.

In Google Chrome, at the very top of the working window, you need to click on the button among the horizontal bars and select the “Settings” item. In the section “Initial group” you should mark the line “Next pages”. Opposite it there is an icon “Add”. Click on it and enter the site address of interest.

What settings need to be done in Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, you also need to go to the main menu. To do this, click on Firefox (the button at the top) and select the section with settings ("Settings" - "Settings"). In the window that opens, go to the "Basic" tab. The address is entered in the "Start" section.

opera start page set

In Internet Explorer, you need to click on the gear and select "Internet Options". In the highlighted window go to the tab "General". Here in the window "Homepage" and enter the address of the desired site.

Hopefully, we have given quite useful advice to those who use Google Chrome, Explorer, Firefox or Opera browsers. The start page, which, as you already understood, is easy to establish or change, can be absolutely anyone. It all depends solely on the wishes of the user.

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