How do I select text using the keyboard? Ways to select all text and parts of it on the keyboard

Sometimes it happens that you have to work with text in any of the editors using only one keyboard. Let's say the mouse is broken, but you need to retype the document immediately, there is no time to go to the store. In addition, in individual situations, you can perform any actions using the keyboard much faster. No wonder the manufacturers of many programs add the function of so-called hot keys to them. In this article, we will look at how to select text using the keyboard, as well as generally ways to work on a computer without using a mouse.

Highlighting the test using the laptop keyboard

In the event that you use a laptop or netbook for work, you can select text using the keys in the following ways:

  1. Place the cursor at the beginning of the fragment requiring selection. You can do this by sliding your finger across the TouchPad. Next, you need to hold down the Shift key and move the cursor to the end of the fragment.
  2. You can also position the cursor at the beginning of the text by holding the left button on the TouchPad and guide it to the end of the section.

how to select text using the keyboard

How to select text using the keyboard on a PC

If you are working on a computer, selecting text without using a mouse will also be easy. To do this, move the cursor to the beginning of the fragment using the arrows. Next, hold down the Shift key. Without releasing it, select the text using all the same arrows. In this case, when you press "right" or "left", the selection area will move one character in the corresponding direction, when you press "down" or "up" - one line. To select one word, place the cursor in front of it and use the combination Ctrl + Shift + right arrow.

how to select using the keyboard

How to select paragraphs

To select a paragraph above the cursor, use the combination Ctrl + Shif + up arrow. After that, the paragraph will be highlighted to the very beginning, regardless of where the cursor is, at the end or somewhere in the middle. To select a paragraph to the end, press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + down arrow.

How to select pages and all text at once

In order to select the entire page at once, you need to use the combinations Shift + pgUp if the cursor is at the bottom of it. If it is located at the top of the page, you should use the Shift + pgDown combination.

Now let's see how to select all the text on the keyboard at once. This is very easy to do. Press Ctrl + A. Then everything printed can be deleted, centered, copied to the clipboard, or some other similar action can be taken. How to do this without using a mouse, we will consider below.

how to select text on the keyboard

From the current cursor position, you can select text to the very beginning of the document by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Home. Until the very end - Ctrl + Shift + End.

How to copy a selection

Now you know how to select text using the keyboard. This is done in an elementary way. Fragments are usually selected either in order to delete them, or to move to another part of the text. In the first case, you just need to press the Del key, to copy the fragment - Ctrl + C. To paste it in the required place (it doesn't matter, in the same editor or in another), you should use the Ctrl + V combination. You can cut a piece of text by pressing Ctrl + X.

How to navigate the editor menu without a mouse

So, we have figured out how to select text using the keyboard in the event that the mouse is broken. But how do you work with the editor menu? With a laptop, everything is simple. In this case, the same convenient TouchPad will help. On the computer, you will have to use certain keyboard shortcuts. Which ones, we will consider using the example of the well-known program "Word".

How to launch "Word" and change the position of the window on the monitor

Highlighting text isn't the only task that can be accomplished using just the keyboard. You can start the editor from the desktop by simply moving between the shortcuts with arrows. They also act in order to open the program from the "Start" menu. It is highlighted after clicking on the flag icon on the keyboard. A menu will open when using Ctrl + Esc.

In order to minimize the editor window, press the Alt + Spacebar combination and select the "Minimize" item in the drop-down menu using the "up" or "down" arrows. To move the program, click on the "Move" line. After that, the arrows can be used to move the editor window to any place on the monitor. In order to close the menu displayed after pressing the Alt + spacebar combination, you just need to press the Esc key.

how to select all text on the keyboard

How to open a file or create a new document

For those who often work with the Word editor, it will be useful to know not only how to select part of the text or all of it without using the mouse, but also how to open a file or create a new document. In the first case, you should apply the combination Ctrl + O. After that, the explorer will open, in which you can find the required file. To navigate the explorer, use the Tab key (moving in a circle from folders to files in them, the "Open" button, the "Cancel" button, etc.) and arrows. In order to create a new document, press the Ctrl + N combination.

How to change the appearance of text without using a mouse

how to select a part of the text

Sometimes the question of how to select text on the keyboard arises from users due to the fact that it needs to be made bold, underlined, etc. In this case, you can also use key combinations. Ctrl + I changes the selection to italics. Press Ctrl + B to make the text bold, and use Ctrl + U to underline it.

See the table for some other popular keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl +]

Increase the font

Ctrl + R

Align right

Ctrl + [

Decrease the font

Ctrl + equal sign

Index translation (lower)

Ctrl + L

Aligning a fragment to the left edge of the sheet

Ctrl + Shift + plus sign

Index translation (upper)

Ctrl + E

Center aligning text

Ctrl + J

Justify Width

Ctrl + Z

Undo the last action

In order to remove the formatting of the selection, you need to press Ctrl + Space.

How to copy formatting

In Word, using the keyboard, you can, among other things, copy the formatting that has been done. To do this, select a fragment with the desired design and press Ctrl + Shift + C. To apply formatting, select the area to be changed and combine Ctrl + Shift + V.

Navigating through text without a mouse

In order to go to the very beginning of the document, no matter what size it is, use the Ctrl + Home combination. You can move to the end of the typed text using the shortcut Ctrl + End. Use arrows to move horizontally or vertically along the lines.

select text using the keyboard

How to navigate a table without using a mouse

In order to move to the next cell in the table row, press Tab. You can move to the previous cell by using the Shift + Tab combination. If necessary, using hot keys, you can quickly get to the last (Alt + End), as well as the first cell (Alt + Home). In a column, the first cell is moved by using the Alt + Page Up combination, and the very last - Alt + Page Down. You can go to the lines adjacent to the top and bottom using the usual arrows. You can move the text along with the line up or down by using the Alt + Shift + down arrow or the same keys and up arrow.

Vertical block of text: selection

Selecting text using the keyboard in the "Word" program is also possible in a vertical position. In order to execute it in this way, you must press Ctrl + Shift + F8, then limit the block with arrows. Now the letters in the selection can be made bold, italicized, underlined, etc. You can also highlight the block with color or change the color of the letters themselves. True, this section of text cannot be copied.

text selection

How to save typed text and exit the program

In order to save the printed document on the computer, press Ctrl + S. To print the file, you need to use the combination Ctrl + P. You can move inside the highlighted dialog box using the Tab key and the arrows. In order to close the document, press Ctrl + W. You can also quit Word using the Ctrl + F4 combination.

Thus, we have figured out how to select with the keyboard completely the entire text as a whole, its individual parts horizontally or vertically. As you can see, this is not at all difficult to do. So, if your mouse breaks, you can now easily retype the document you started.

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