Which brand of vacuum cleaners is better? Vacuum cleaner rating

House cleaning takes up a significant part of any housewife's free time. The modern home appliance market with its assortment makes this task easier. A vacuum cleaner is an indispensable thing in any modern family, with its help you can remove the remnants of garbage, dust and dirt not only from flooring, carpets, but also furniture, curtains, bookshelves, and you can even refresh windows with detergents. At the same time, a representative of the family of household appliances is able to effectively remove from any surface not only dust and large particles, but also difficult-to-collect threads, hair, pet hair, fluff, microparticles, microorganisms.

which brand of vacuum cleaners is better

Which vacuum cleaner of the manufacturer is better to choose so that it performs its functions perfectly? Let's try to figure it out in that article.

Characteristics for which it is worth making a choice

There are a lot of categories of vacuum cleaners with which you need to decide when choosing.

  • Cleaning method: dry cleaning, washing, steam.
  • Dimensions: classic (outdoor), hand-held, portable, vertical, backpacks.
  • Dust collection options: container, water filter, bag.
  • Control method: manual, remote control with infrared or radio control, robots (automatic).
  • Power supply: wired, rechargeable.
  • Application: household, professional, stationary

When looking for a suitable vacuum cleaner, you need to take into account the needs, the area of ​​the premises to be cleaned, the type of flooring. Another selection criterion is to solve the problem of which company of vacuum cleaners is better, since many popular companies offer all kinds of models of these devices.

Manufacturers of quality vacuum cleaners

Initially, you need to decide on a list of manufacturers of high-quality vacuum cleaners. The question of which brand of vacuum cleaners is better will become clearer if you classify well-known manufacturers. For example, by parts of the world: Asian, American, European.

European brands

vacuum cleaner bosch

Among the European ones, the Bosch vacuum cleaner is considered the highest quality. This company has existed for over 120 years and offers reliable and affordable equipment. The disadvantages that users of individual devices highlight are not significant (inconveniently located regulator, no storage option for attachments).

Another popular company is the German manufacturer Thomas, whose vacuum cleaners have a permanent water filter that helps to clean the air from the smallest particles, including microbes. A good home vacuum cleaner is offered by the Swedish and Polish firms Electrolux and Zelmer, respectively.

vacuum cleaner zelmer

Karcher is renowned as a manufacturer of reliable professional cleaning equipment. This technique has a high power, which allows it to be used to remove debris after repairs.

Asia and America

Among the Asian brands, the best quality is the LG vacuum cleaner and Hyundai equipment. Japanese and Korean cleaning devices are not only reliable, but also affordable. The vacuum cleaners of these companies do not have a very high durability, but it is quite enough (about 5 years) for use in everyday life. The specific period depends on the frequency of use and the careful attitude.

vacuum cleaner lg

The most durable equipment is offered by American companies. Vacuum cleaners Kirby and Rainbow are reliable and durable, but their cost is significantly higher than analogues of other companies.

Popular manufacturers of vacuum cleaners for home

The question of which brand of vacuum cleaners is better will become easier to answer if the brands are evaluated according to the parameters used by experts and market analysts. In the descending order of the range of models, Samsung took the first place, followed by Philips. This is followed by Electrolux, Zelmer, Thomas and Rowenta. However, a large selection and a high degree of quality do not have a direct connection, therefore, the equipment of the market leaders should also be evaluated by its main features.

vacuum cleaner rating

Expert opinion

Experts characterizing the brands according to the following parameters helped to make a rating of vacuum cleaners among popular brands:

  • Cleansing ability.
  • Noise level.
  • Cleanliness (degree of dust emissions).
  • Ease of use.

vacuum cleaner electrolux

It turned out that the Electrolux vacuum cleaner is the best option for the home. Advantages: low noise and dust emission, cleans surfaces well. Unlike the models of the Swedish company, the LG (and Samsung) vacuum cleaner is noisy. Experts noted that the power lever of the first brand is located inconveniently and there is no indication of the filling of the dust collector, which increases the likelihood of breakage.

Some users note that the Zelmer vacuum cleaner is also a little noisy. Some models of this brand, for example, Solaris Twix 5500.3 HT, will be uncomfortable for women due to their heavy weight.

Top models with water filter

Despite the large variety of types of vacuum cleaners, models with an aquafilter are considered the best for use at home. They are used for general cleaning of surfaces. Their feature is weighty dimensions, since these are floor models ideal for cleaning carpets. Which brand of vacuum cleaners is the best in this category of products for the functions of cleaning, air filtration and dust retention?

vacuum cleaner for the house

The Zelmer 919.0ST vacuum cleaner (8,5 kg) allows you to change the filter to a dust bag, performs dry and wet cleaning. Unlike the first version, the Thomas TWIN T1 (8,4 kg) does not have a bag in the kit, but is equipped with the ability to supply water under pressure and the option of vertical pipe installation. Karcher DS 6.000 (7,5 kg) weighs a little and consumes electricity moderately. The most expensive option among the presented, performs only dry cleaning, there is a vertical mount. Vacuum cleaners Zelmer and Karcher also have a storage area for accessories.

The best models with a bag

The rating of vacuum cleaners with a bag will help lovers of the classics of the genre to choose the right model. The Electrolux UltraSilencer USENERGY vacuum cleaner is considered to be the quietest in this category. This is a relatively inexpensive vacuum cleaner, but its cost is higher than its noisy counterparts. The system is equipped with a high-quality filter, which is convenient for allergy sufferers. The vacuum cleaner is not a record holder in terms of bag volume (3,5 l) and suction power (240 W). The parameters of the model are above average, and are quite suitable for use in an apartment.

Among the vacuum cleaners with a bag, several Samsung products were included in the ranking of the best models. Their features:

  • The SC4180 is compact (27,5 x 23 x 36,5 cm), while the rest of the product's characteristics are high.
  • The SC61B4 has a large set of attachments, power - 420 W, and is easy to operate.
  • The SC21F60YG is the most powerful (520 W) low-cost vacuum cleaner.
  • SC5491 has a low price in comparison with the above devices, the most popular in the CIS.

Cyclonic vacuum cleaners

With the development of technology, container models have replaced vacuum cleaners with bags. To ensure good suction, the air flow in the system is of the "cyclone" type (in a spiral), which ensures dust settling in the container. One of the best models in this category is the Panasonic MC-E8035 with a noise level of 68 dB. Experts did not reveal any shortcomings in it, except for the laboriousness of cleaning the brush from the wound fibers of long debris. Electrolux ZCX 6205, unlike the previous model, works more noisily (82 dB). The device is distinguished by a large (4 l) dust collector capacity, which, of course, led to a decrease in the suction power to 300 watts. Panasonic has a figure of 340 watts. Bosch BSG 62085 is characterized by compact dimensions, due to which the model has disadvantages associated with a small (1,2 l) container volume, lack of space for the location of nozzles.

which brand of vacuum cleaners is better


There are several manufacturers offering good vacuum cleaners: Bosch, Electrolux, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Thomas, Zelmer. The exact choice depends on the preferred functions. For example, for cleaning in rooms with small children, a silent option is required. Such models can be found at Panasonic and Electrolux. Vacuum cleaners with aquafilters are suitable for allergy sufferers, you can leave your choice on the Zelmer technique. Equipment from Bosch and Samsung is highly powerful. The latter option is represented by a wide range of budget models. All these brands are quite popular, so if problems arise, it is easy to replace parts and buy accessories, create a stock of replacement bags. American models are too expensive for the average consumer, so they are not so popular.

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