When will Betelgeuse explode? How can this affect the Earth and earthlings?

When will Betelgeuse explode? How can this affect the Earth and earthlings?

  • Scientists predict that Betelgeuse could explode within 5 thousand years, but these figures cannot be reliable due to inaccurate data on the amount of energy that this star can still generate and maintain itself in the state of a red supergiant. There are also different forecasts regarding the impact of this explosion on the Earth, but all scientists agree that it will be a majestic spectacle that earthlings will be able to see with the naked eye for several thousand years. Specifically, we will be able to observe a bright nebula in which a new star will form. Also, some scientists believe that the explosion of Betelgeuse will affect our planet with a strong electromagnetic storm, and the harmful radiation of a newborn nebula can cause an outbreak of new epidemics on the planet, since it was believed from antiquity that the appearance of new objects in the sky does not bring anything good to earthlings (wars can start , new incurable diseases appear).

    When will Betelgeuse explode? How can this affect the Earth and earthlings?

  • Betelgeuse - this is one of the brightest stars in our sky, which is of great interest among astronomers. As far as I know, this is the first star in which it was possible to measure the angular diameter. And it was also found that Betelgeuse is decreasing rather quickly. During the period that the observations of Betelgeuse were carried out (if I am not mistaken, since 1993), the diameter of this star has decreased by 15%, but for what reason it is not yet clear. Experts admit that this may be a measurement error.

    If the current theory of stellar evolution is adhered to, the star Betelgeuse is likely to explode and turn into a Type II supernova. Perhaps it will not explode, but only throw off its shell and leave a planetary nebula with a white dwarf in the center of which.

    The date of this event is unknown to astronomers, opinions, as always, were divided. Betelgeuse is a relatively young star, but some scientists believe that changes in diameter indicate the onset of the carbon burnout stage, therefore, an explosion may occur within the next 2000 years, other scientists speak of a longer period.

    But almost everyone says that the explosion will be a memorable event. It is assumed that the brightness of Betelgeuse will reach the brightness of the full moon, and its color will resemble a red-hot metal.

    Does the Betelgeuse explosion threaten all life on our planet?? In 2012, when in many media there was a fuss about the coming end of the world, they wrote about the compression of Betelgeuse, that it was covered with spots, pulsed, which means that it would soon explode and lead to a cataclysm of a universal scale.

    Most likely, the explosion of Betelgeuse will be a magnificent celestial spectacle for several months, after which the bright point will decrease and will not be visible to the naked eye, and after several centuries a planetary nebula similar to the Crab will not appear instead, but the constellation Orion will change its usual outlines (they say, that the stars are missing in the hand of the mythological hunter).

    According to another version, a larger-scale impact on our planet may occur. In the case of the direction of one of the poles of Betelgeuse to Earth, streams of cosmic radiation, including gamma rays, will go to us, which will lead to a grand aurora, as well as to the destruction of the ozone layer.

    But even if the star Betelgeuse explodes this minute, we will know about it only after 650 years - that is how long the light from the explosion will reach us..

    When will Betelgeuse explode? How can this affect the Earth and earthlings?

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