Who knows the sites where they buy advertising slogans?

Who knows the sites where they buy advertising slogans?

  • VotImenno.ru website was created to earn money on naming and advertising slogans. Here you can solve problems associated with the creation of slogans, company names, website names. If the customer decides that your offer is the best, you will receive a bonus.

  • I don’t know the sites where advertising slogans are bought. But I can advise sites where orders are often placed to "invent" advertising slogans for various firms, Internet resources, brands and for various lines of industrial goods, cosmetics, products, etc. Also on such sites that specialize in " naming "- that is, on" inventing "names for anything, there are applications for the names of stores, sites, domain names, etc.

    But on these sites there is no guarantee that your advertising slogan will be bought. everything there is arranged according to the principle of a competition - there are many proposals from authors, of which the customer chooses only one, very rarely several options. I can say that making money on these sites is quite real, I myself sometimes "indulge" in this type of earnings.

    Risk-free naming service - Votimenno.ru

    Service naming services Textdreamer.ru

    Of course, there are several other similar services on the Internet, but I did not work for others. These two can be recommended as reliable and paying.

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