Can an account on a debit card Sberbank go into a big minus?

Can an account on a debit card Sberbank go into a big minus?

  • A negative balance on a debit bank card may occur. But quite insignificant. This can happen if the "mobile banking" service has been connected to the card. And in the event of a complete withdrawal of funds from a debit card by its owner, the next monthly fee for servicing the card will easily drive the card into a "minus".

    For example, if, say, the 3 of the ruble remains on the card, and it is no longer replenished, the automatic calculation at the beginning of next month will show a negative balance. In the case of the 30 ruble monthly fee, the balance will be -27 rubles.

    This is for example. Sberbank takes 30 rubles a month for servicing the "mobile bank" on the card account.

    Returning to the question, it can be said that a negative balance on a debit card is unlikely to arise more than a similar amount.

  • A Sberbank debit card can go into a minus only erroneously, since a debit card is not intended to be removed from it more than it was put, it only coughs and does not issue loans, therefore a minus should not appear on it.

  • Maybe! Yes how!

    Can an account on a debit card Sberbank go into a big minus?

    On September 4, 2015, the account on the Debit card became minus Three Thousand Six hundred rubles (3) I blocked the card immediately after theft, I called Sberbank, it turned out that the bailiffs tried, the tax for a house in the village (the only property) I will not pay, on principle ! PS Tatarstan, Agryz is a territory free from the Constitution! Any amount can go into a minus !!! No need to read morality about debt, taxes, hungry children ...

  • A debit card is a card with which you can spend funds previously deposited on it by the owner. This is a kind of wallet. How much money you put in it, you can spend so much. Therefore, there is no negative balance on the debit card.

  • No, he can not. Debit cards are tied to a current account that does not allow for overspending.

  • Fortunately, this is not possible, since such a system would be very inconvenient when using a debit card. My card charges for servicing 150 rubles a year. And if all of a sudden funds run out on it (and therefore I would not use it), and the money would be withdrawn from the account every year (the expiry date of the 3 card of the year), then I would owe the bank, though small, but still money. Some cards charge 30 rubles a month for servicing; this is already more significant!

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