Can I create a site without registering a domain?

Can I create a site without registering a domain?

  • If you just want to learn how to create and edit sites, then you can not register or buy anything anywhere, but simply install a local server on your computer.

    Installation packages are free.

    It turns out such a home hosting on Apache (Apache). Even the internet is not needed.

    Any engine will work in much the same way as on real hosting.

    The domain, in this case, of course, is also not needed.

    Here, you can choose from, download and try free packages for installing a server on a computer:

    1. Denver
    2. Endels
    3. Openserver

    CMS files need to be uploaded to the homelocalhostwww folder

    Your local site will be accessible at http: // localhost /

    You can install several sites at once, on different CMS.

    To do this, you need to upload them each to its own folder.

    For example, the first one to the homelocalhostwwwmysite1 folder

    the second at omelocalhostwwwmysite2, and so on.

  • If broker will not be used for commercial purposes, then on can get a domain absolutely free... But, if you hang on advertising sitethen домен right block.

    Well, about how get a free domain at, and at the same time free hosting, you can read in detail here.

  • I would like a link to free hosting, if not difficult) As for the domain name, its registration will cost money anyway, but there are sites with third-level domains, this is something like But in fact the site is considered conditionally yours. There were times when the infa was erased - and nothing can be done.

    In general, there is such a saying. Expensive - yes cute, cheap - yes rotten!)

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