Why is the micro-SD flash drive not formatted?

Usual USB drives and removable cards have become so firmly established in our lives that many users increasingly prefer storing information with the help of such devices. But sometimes it becomes necessary to format them, for example due to corruption or software glitches. Since SD cards are one of the most common today, we will consider why the micro-SD flash drive is not formatted and how to fix this problem. Several basic methods will be presented as methods. But if they do not help, you can say goodbye to the device.

The micro-SD flash drive is not formatted: what to do first?

When such situations arise, before deciding in favor of any particular method of correcting them, you should find out the root cause that led to the failure.

The simplest and most common case can be called a situation when a micro-SD flash drive is not formatted (the device is protected, and the system simply does not start the formatting process). Everything is simple here: apparently, on the adapter for the card, the write-blocking lever has been moved to the on position. But this is the simplest thing that can be.

micro sd flash drive is not formatted

It also happens that the device is busy with some processes, which makes formatting impossible. In the simplest case, the drive just needs to be removed from the card reader and reinserted to repeat the operation. Sometimes it can help to use the "Task Manager", in which you need to display all services, hide Microsoft processes and stop all others, and then try to format again. Maybe this will work.

It is much worse when it may turn out that the drive has file system damage or physical problems. Here you will have to use other methods, some of which may seem quite complicated.

What if standard formatting doesn't work?

If, after using the standard method of calling a procedure from "Explorer", the micro-SD flash drive is not formatted, you can try to start the process using the disk management partition.

why the micro sd flash drive is not formatted

It can be accessed through the Run console, where the diskmgmt.msc command is written. In the window where all currently connected devices are located, we find the card (in most cases it will be located at the very bottom of the list), and then call the formatting command through the right-click menu. Sometimes it helps (but not always).

Using special utilities

Again, the micro-SD flash drive is not formatted, and the system displays a message about the impossibility of completing the procedure? Alternatively, you can use programs that allow low-level formatting.

how to recover a micro sd flash drive is not formatted

One of the most popular is the unpretentious free SDFormatter utility. In the start window, after starting the program, in the drop-down list of devices, select the drive letter, and then click the properties button at the bottom right.

micro sd flash drive is not formatted what to do

In a new window, in the formatting type, specify Full Erase, and just below activate the automatic sector alignment setting (ON value). We return to the previous window and start formatting. In most cases, this helps. Again, not always. What to do if the micro-SD flash drive is not formatted and after such measures? We'll have to, as they say, use "heavy artillery".

Hidden features of Windows systems

To begin with, we call the command line from the Run console (Win + R) with admin rights and register diskpart there, after which we enter the list disk command and find the desired device in the list (you can determine the card by volume). At this stage, you need to remember the device number in the list, otherwise you can destroy the data in other sections.

not formatted flash drive micro sd device protected

Now the next line is select disk Y (Y is the disk number set above). After it - the line for clearing read attributes attributes disk clear readonly. After successfully completing the process, check the attributes using the attributes disk line. If it is indicated that there is no read-only attribute, exit the console by typing the exit command.

How to restore a USB flash drive (micro-SD is not formatted)?

In some cases, you can try to repair an inoperative card before formatting. In this case, the recovery will affect not only the information previously contained on it, but also the file system.

micro sd flash drive is not formatted

There are plenty of programs for this, but the R.Saver application is considered the most powerful utility. The algorithm of actions in it is very simple: first you need to select your device, and then press just one button to start the analysis and recovery process. Further, the program will perform all actions without the participation of the user, however, this process can take up to several hours. It all depends on the degree of damage to the drive and its capacity. When the restore is complete, formatting can be done without any problems.

If nothing helps

If, however, such actions did not have a result, and the micro-SD flash drive is not formatted again, you will have to use the last resort - flashing the controller.

To do this, you need to find out the unique identifiers DEV and VEN, which can be done in the "Device Manager" through the properties menu on the information tab, where the device ID is selected from the drop-down list (for completeness of information, it is better to use the longest string in the list), or use the program for this like UsbFlashInfo.

why the micro sd flash drive is not formatted

After that, you will have to visit the resource of the equipment manufacturer and download the latest firmware version using the numbers found, and then start the process itself using the downloaded executable file. In principle, you can find the firmware on other sites, but for security purposes it is better to turn to the manufacturer's resource. At the end of the process, formatting should start normally.

Finally, if from all of the above, nothing helped, alas, you can say goodbye to the card, since it will no longer work. But, as practice shows, even with damaged microcontrollers, it is possible to reanimate the card, and with the use of flashing tools and the R.Saver program, you can also restore data.

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