“Your browser is out of date. Download the new version. " Loading, alas ... where is the error?

"Your browser is out of date. Please download a new version." Loading, alas ... where is the error?

  • Some sites have such a trick when they tell you that your browser is supposedly outdated, they suggest clicking on their banner to check the browser, or to install a newer one. After installing their browser, you will have an advertisement that will open whenever it pleases.

  • In this particular case, the error is (just do not be offended!) Half a meter from the monitor.

    Not megabytes - terabytes of information posted by knowledgeable people that Microsoft brazenly and shamelessly "licks" information from your computer at the time of entering the Internet using theirs explorer. And not only (as they state in the Privacy Policy) about the architecture of the machine ...

    And in the light of the stench raised in America about the type of copyright protection, I would not be at all surprised that MelkoMyagkie found on your computer some kind of eM-Pe-trisha or a video from Yu-tube and patched a Trojan-"auditor" on your computer that sniffs not only inherent, but also traces of the presence of devil-once-deleted unlicensed files. And since the process requires a rather lengthy scan (and even with the adjustment of search patterns from the MelkoMyagkie) - how to stimulate you to send the data blocks necessary for them? That's right, announce you an outdated browser version so that you themselves clicked the "Download" button. In front of you, after all, they do not report what they download: you updates or yourself information from your computer!

    No other browsers exist?

    Okay, let's say I'm a disgustingly picky creature ... Why then me _popular_ did the bank strongly recommend _not use_ microsoftware explorer for internet banking? To my question: "What, Internet banking will not work?" I was popularly explained what would be _too good_ work. But if I am interested in the confidentiality of information, and I don’t want to change the browser for anything, it’s better to walk to a bank branch ...

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