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The fourth part of the world famous life simulator "The Sims" is gradually gaining more and more popularity thanks to add-ons that greatly expand the capabilities of users. You get the chance to go to university, learn new professions, go on vacation, and so on.

However, now we will talk about something completely different - it is likely that you have already heard about such a concept as secret places. In The Sims 4, they are found in each of the four cities currently present in the game. If you want to get there, then you will have to try very hard, since each time you will need not only to find a specific point in the city, but also to pass a kind of test, which is different for each of the secret places.

Is it worth it? Of course! After all, the secret places in "The Sims 4" look fantastic, and to this is added the fact that you can find there some rare items and materials that you will not find in the standard world. Therefore, hurry up to familiarize yourself with how to get to these wonderful fabulous locations.

How to get to Silvan Glades?

If we consider the secret places in "The Sims 4", then the most popular is Silvan Glades. How to get there? To do this, you need to be in the city of Willow Creek - there you need to get to the Creek Boar territory. This is a residential lot, so if it is busy, you will have to make friends with the owner in order to freely visit his property and not have any problems with it.

secret places in the sims 4

When you have free access, you need to find a large tree that stands apart from the rest. This is exactly what your goal is. Look at the tree several times - and then you will be able to water it.

Take this opportunity, and do this also 2-3 times, after which you will be able to speak with this tree. Talk to him about his foliage or roots, and after a few conversations the view of the tree will change, a door will appear in it, into which you have to enter. An adventure awaits you there - the gamer will be told a story that will need to be developed independently, choosing further events. If you choose the correct answer four times, you can be transported to the Silvan Glades. What attracts the secret places in The Sims 4?

What can you find there?

sims 4 secrets

In The Sims 4, Secrets are great because they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer players a lot of useful things. When you find yourself in Silvan Glades, you will be surprised at how beautiful nature is there - you can spend a lot of time admiring the world around you. But when you are relaxed enough and willing to take action, you can collect many different unique ingredients. Here, there are abundant plants that are very difficult to find in the ordinary world, and you can also catch rare species of fish and frogs here. All in all, you will have something to do when you get here.

However, do not forget to periodically return to the real world, because in the secret place there is no toilet and bathroom, and you will not be able to eat there, because all the products that you find there will be unsuitable for immediate consumption. Do not worry: by opening the portal to this place once, you can return here at any time.

In The Sims 4, secrets operate on this principle, so you can easily move between the real world and fabulous places at any time at will.

Lost Grotto

In The Sims 4, mods can add more different secrets, but there are only four original secret locations. And if you live in Oasis Springs, you can access the Lost Grotto. Where is the entrance to it? The cave can be approached from two locations at once - from the "Desert Flowers" park or from the residential area of ​​the Landgraab family.

sims 4 mods

Whichever option you choose, you need to look for the entrance to the cave, which turns out to be the beginning of a deep mine. But you can get there only if you break the door, for this you need to increase the level of your sim's mechanics to the maximum. After hacking and completing the adventure of choosing the right answers, you will find yourself in a new secret place, which will allow you to understand that mods are not needed in The Sims 4 - the developers themselves tried to make the world great.

What's in the grotto?

The secret places in The Sims 4 offer the player a wonderful themed atmosphere - in this case, you find yourself in a real grotto, which simply shines with the brilliance of various minerals (you can collect them, by the way). As in the previous case, you can catch rare species of fish and frogs, as well as collect unique herbs and plants that you can take with you to the real world. This concludes the secret locations that are available with the basic version of the game. No, you don't need mods to run the other two - you will need to have the Go Hike DLCs. and "Get to work!" respectively.

secret places in sims 4

Hermit's hideout

As you already understood, in "The Sims 4" secret areas are not immediately available in a full set - you need to install additional content that adds new opportunities, as well as new cities, where there are secret points leading to mysterious places. In the city of Granite Falls, available in the Campaign Expansion Pack, you need to travel to the Granite Falls Forest. Find a waterfall there and go straight in the opposite direction from it until you see strange bushes forming a passage - this is a portal to a new secret place. Just complete the adventure and you are there!

secret locations

Meeting with the hermit

Unlike the previous two secret locations, here you will not only see beautiful landscapes, but also meet a new character - a hermit. From him you can learn a unique recipe for potions, and only in this location you will find the rarest species of mushrooms, catch a species of fish that is not found anywhere else and find many rare insects.

Planet Sixim

This secret place is special - you will gain access to it in a completely different way. You do not need to look for any specific points, your task is to make maximum progress either in rocket science or in a career as a scientist. You can do all this only if you have the Get to Work add-on. If you choose the first option, you can build a rocket and fly to another planet, but if your choice falls on the second option, then you can create a wormhole in space, with which you will instantly get to Siksim.

sims 4 secret areas

Planet exploration

Siksim is a very interesting place, which is rich in unique plants that are found only here. You can also find here unique minerals - geodes, which are a new collectible material in the game. Moreover, you have a chance to meet aliens, with whom you can even make friends. You will find out that they have parties, but getting to them is not so easy - you have to choose a career as a scientist, and then there is a possibility that you will be sent an invitation by which you can transfer to the party.

This is one of the advantages of a wormhole over a rocket. The second advantage is the fact that only one character can fly on a rocket to Siksim, while all Sims of your family can move there through the wormhole.

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