What has the highest density water or ice?

What has the highest density water or ice?

  • Water.

    It is this property of water that is one of the main factors necessary to preserve life on Earth: if ice were denser than water, reservoirs in winter would freeze to the bottom, and all living things in them would perish in the very first winter.

    The lowest density of ice is at a temperature of -4 C. The ice remains on the surface, and thus protects the reservoir from complete freezing.

  • Water and ice are two phase states of the same substance, but as is usually the case with a phase transition, the properties of a substance change abruptly. In particular, the density of ice turns out to be somewhat lower than the density of water, which, as already noted, allows ice to form only on the surface of water bodies, to float on water. The density of water at 0.01 degrees Celsius is 999 kilograms per cubic meter, and already at 0 degrees the water turns into ice and its density turns out to be 916 kg / m100. With a further decrease in temperature, the density of ice gradually increases and at -925.7 degrees is already XNUMX kg / mXNUMX.

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