What draw in school in drawing lessons?

What draw in school in drawing lessons?

  • First, the basics of drawing, then more difficult tasks. For example, still lifes (they put a vase with fruits) and students draw. They can think of drawing autumn or winter, different animals, a house, a portrait, their family, and in such a way.

  • The school now has a rather complicated program. If before they drew simple objects, now children draw compositions, landscapes ... in the lower grades, of course, they can do something simpler, they paint ... but in the older grades everything is much more complicated.

  • In schools, in drawing lessons that just do not draw. I remember we painted drawings on the subject, for example, by 8 of March we were drawing gifts for mom, flowers, trees.

    And so usually the teacher drew with us together on the blackboard with chalk, the one who did not succeed asked the teacher to help. Draw still lifes, landscapes, animals, even people.

  • I have changed several schools, but I have never had any luck with drawing teachers. Perhaps only labor teachers are big losers in life. Well, what artist will draw a vase, an apple, a bullfinch and all seasons in turn from year to year? And well, be sure: a self-portrait, a portrait of a mother and a portrait of a teacher ...

  • We all studied in schools, and probably we all drew what the teacher would say. They painted different fruits, their family, nature, animals, winter in the villages and much more. But sometimes there were free topics that I myself wanted to draw.

  • In elementary school they paint if the holiday is on the eve, then they draw something on this topic, if the New Year, March 8 and so on.

    If ordinary days, then still lifes, people tried to remember nature and animals, sometimes they give free themes.

    There are still objects in pencil using highlights and shadows, but this is already in fifth grade.

  • Like no other, I had to get school drawing three times in high school. After all, it is known that nature rests on children, so I had to draw for them, and even more so my son studied in an art class. So I earned the top five for him, and the drawings hung at exhibitions. True, he himself began to draw a little. since he had to do it himself at school, and sometimes I just corrected it. And they draw at school the same as they painted before, especially landscapes are quoted. Here is an example of such drawings.

    What draw in school in drawing lessons?

  • Two of my nephews are now in primary school: one in the first and the other in the second grade, but in different schools they paint different things.

    Apparently, drawing teachers do not have a clear and definite plan - what and to whom to draw

    My nephews draw: a house, a tree, a fence, a dog, a cat, rain, snow, birds, a river, a chair and more.

  • At school, drawing lessons usually draw landscapes, still lifes and tree leaves. I remember when I was at school we drew a still life with a pencil, for example a mug, a pear, an apple, a teapot. We also painted foxes, first they were collected in the park, and then we drew with a pencil, and then painted with gouache or watercolor.

  • We are studying in the 2 class, and naturally painting is taught in the classroom. I must say that in the 2 year of study, we did not have any vases, jugs or other typical painting. There are thematic tasks, I agree here. Draw a fairy tale or how he spent the winter holidays. In the first grade, there were more and more assignments for colors. The teacher gave two or three colors and the child had to complete his picture with just such a composition, choosing himself what he wants to portray with these paints. Recently, birds were drawn on a branch: the first picture was to show one bird: a bullfinch or a titmouse on a branch, and the second was already a group. Then we’ll see how the teacher’s idea will push the kids to creativity, but we definitely didn’t draw vases-)

  • At school, drawing lessons draw various items. Start with simple patterns, draw them with a pencil, in stages. Then they move on to more complex ones, for example, draw flowers, vegetables, fruits, still lifes. They learn to paint, in the first stage, with pencils, then with gouache and watercolor. The basic principle of drawing at school from simple to complex.

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