How to transfer the word - wake up, morning, teach, childhood, birth?

How to transfer the word - wake up, morning, teach, childhood, birth?

  • We need to transfer words: wake up, morning, teach, childhood, birth.

    Here is how we do it.

    Word CLIMB... In this word we see two syllables. Closed closed syllable POD and closed open syllable EM. And two options for the transfer of this word, namely ON - LIFT and LIFT - EAT.

    Word MORNING... There are three syllables in this word. An open uncovered syllable from the letter U, an open covered syllable TPE and a closed covered NNIJ. And two transfer options, namely UT - RENNY and MORNING - NIY.

    Word FEED... There are three syllables in this word. The open covered syllable PO, the open closed syllable DU and the closed covered CHIT. Two transfer options, namely ON - DUCHAT and POD - READ.

    Word CHILDHOOD... There are two syllables in this word. The open closed syllable DE and the open closed syllable TSTV. And there are four hyphenation options for this word: CHILD - CHILD, CHILD - CHILD, CHILD - TVO and CHILD - VO.

    Word BIRTH... There are four syllables in this word. Open covered syllable RO, open covered syllable ZhDE, open closed syllable NI and open open syllable from one vowel E. There are three hyphenation options for this word, namely RO - WAITING, BIRTH - DENY and BIRTH - NIE.

  • The words are wrapped as follows:

    rise, morning, teach (and only in this way, because the vowel U from the root cannot be torn off during the transfer), childhood, birth.

  • To translate words rise, morning, to teach, childhood, birth from one line to another, divide them into syllables:



    to think,



    Noun rise is transferred only by syllable, and the solid sign belongs to the first syllable: lift-m.

    Adjective morning has the first syllable in the form of one letter, and, of course, we will attach it to the next syllable, keeping in mind the spelling rule that one letter is not left on a line and is not carried over to the next. Also, when transferring, we will disperse double consonants located между vowels... This is an important nuance in spelling hyphenation. This adjective has two hyphenation options:

    morning, morning.

    Verb to teach we will postpone the syllabus to learn, teach.

    This transfer is possible because the root begins with a vowel.

    In the noun childhood there are many transfer options due to the presence of a confluence of consonants, which we arbitrarily disperse:

    childhood, childhood, childhood, childhood.

    Word birth is carried over variably:

    birth, birth, birth.

    The last vowel, which makes up an independent syllable, is added to the previous one.

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