How does "so close" translate within the meaning?

How does "so close" translate within the meaning?

  • "Nearly". This phrase is said to the loser as a sign of consolation, to support, to show respect to the loser. In the movie, one for one speed cop will almost win, but lose to a diesel. The cop needed to say that as a sign of consolation.

  • "So close", which means "so close", means the impossibility of achieving any goal, but it turned out to get close to it almost end-to-end, it's like throwing the ball into the basket and it rolls over the basket and does not roll into the summer.)))

  • This translates to "being very close." For example, "They are so close" - They are very close. In the sense of the spirit, in relation to each other. And not only in terms of distance :)

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