How to believe the word "azure"?

How to believe the word "azure"?

  • The word LAZOREVY (stress on the second syllable) is an adjective, the suffix -EV- is written according to the uniform spelling of suffixes in Russian.

    At the root LAZOR - an unstressed vowel cannot be checked, its spelling must be memorized (azure, blue tit).

  • The word Azure turns out to be a masculine adjective in which we single out the ending -NY: Azure-Azure-Azure.

    The stress in it falls on the second syllable: azure.

    The root of the word turns out to be the morpheme LAZOR-: Azure-Azure.

    Note that in this root there is an unstressed vowel A, and the word itself can be mistakenly written as lOzorevy.

    We cannot check the unstressed vowel in the word Azure, this word goes back to the ancient Arabic language. And it is impossible to check this vowel A with the surname Lazarev - a different etymology.

    We also see in the word Azure suffix of the adjective EB, which cannot be written as IV.

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