How is it correct: oligarch, aligarch, alegarch, olegarch, what is the test word?

How is it correct: oligarch, aligarch, alegarch, olegarch, what is the test word?

  • Turning to the help of the dictionary (namely the spelling, edited by Lopatin and Ivanova, 2004), you can find out that the correct spelling of the word will be like this - "oligarch", with an unstressed vowel "o" in the first syllable, and an unstressed vowel "and "in the second syllable.

    The stress in the word "oligarch" will be on the third syllable, on the vowel "a".

    Also, as indicated in Ozhegov's dictionary, "oligarch" (masculine) is a representative of "financial and industrial" capital (meaning of the specified word).

    The spelling of this word cannot be verified, the word is ancient Greek, consists of two words, and will be from ancient Greek as "power" and "few".

  • Oligarch - all words that include -arch- archon, patriarch, oligarch are of Greek origin. Initially, oligarchs were people who belonged to the ruling elite, now oligarchs are called suddenly rich people who have weight in the state. The stress in the word falls on the third syllable The other two unstressed vowels can be checked only at the etymological level, but it is better to remember the spelling.

    Example sentence: If everyone wanted to become oligarchs or join a group of oligarchs, then life in this case could stop, because predators in the natural world are in small numbers, otherwise they would not have enough prey.

  • It is spelled correctly - "oligarch". There are no test words! You can check it using Yandex.

  • The word Oligarch turns out to be a masculine noun and second declension with a zero ending: Oligarch-Oligarch-Oligarch.

    The stress in it falls on the third syllable: oligarch.

    The root of the word turns out to be the morpheme OLIGARCH: Oligarchy-Oligarchic.

    Note that in this root there is an unstressed vowel O, an unstressed vowel I, and the word itself can be mistakenly written as AlEgarh.

    It is impossible to check the unstressed vowels in this word, because the word is entirely taken from the Greek language and therefore we memorize its spelling. Curiously, in the native Greek, Oligarch literally means little boss.

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