How to correctly transfer the words "lake", "Baltic", "April"?

How to correctly transfer the words "lake", "Baltic", "April"?

  • Not ... what a question for yourself - move the lake!

    You can easily bring such a heart attack.

    If vdra - then how many vder need to train!

    Here it is quite possible to go crazy, and not that to get tired.

    But let's say we took a hose and a piston pump,

    So that he pumped water to us, as if, like, "transferred".

    To sit next to us and stare at the lake

    And to write an answer to Rogneda, suffered, they say, I OZE-

    Ro... The task, they say, was solved. Well, then what then?

    Not. The solution is simple: Water is carried - with a sieve!

    Phew! One answer received. What else is there? APRIL?

    I issue a decree: "Boyars, you don't need spring, drops,

    By decree, we are postponing April for seven weeks.

    He will now be in June. In summer. Yes. Who is against? Not."

    So. The second answer has been received. A simple answer.

    What's left there? "Baltic". It cannot be transferred.

    And it cannot be translated into other languages.

    And they will write in the obituary: "He could not bear it ..." What?

    BUT, "BAL-TIY-SKO-GO... well, the wind. I caught a cold from him.

    But I sent a great answer to BV. "

    Everyone is crying, putting pluses. Everybody's Free. Hello everyone.

  • Frankly, I often have difficulty with stress in words. And not because an ignoramus, God had mercy. And I studied well, and more than a dozen books passed through my hands. At school, as soon as the letters merged into syllables, and the syllables into words, I could not tear myself away from the books.

    And the problems with stress, I think, are due to the fact that I do not speak against the background of infantile paralysis.

    This is so, by the way ... And now the answers to your question.

    O Z E R O

    Transfer: lake-ro.

    How to correctly transfer the words "lake", "Baltic", "April"?

    B A L T I J S K O G O

    How to correctly transfer the words "lake", "Baltic", "April"?


    Possible transfers: Baltic, Baltic, Baltic.

    A P R E L

    How to correctly transfer the words "lake", "Baltic", "April"?

    Transfer: ap-rel.

  • We do the transfer of words: lake, Baltic, April.

    Here's how to do it.

    Word LAKE... There are three syllables in this word. An open uncovered syllable of one vowel O, an open covered syllable ZE and an open covered syllable RO. There are only one hyphenation options for this word, namely OZE - RO.

    Word BALTIC... There are four syllables in this word. The closed covered syllable BAL, the closed covered syllable TIL, the open covered RMS and the open covered syllable GO. The transfer options are as many as five words, namely BA - LITHUANIA, BAL - TIYSKOGO, BALTIC - WHOM, BALTIC - WHOM and BALTIC - GO.

    Word APRIL... There are two syllables in this word. Closed closed syllable AP and closed closed syllable REL. There are one options for carrying this word, namely AP - REL.

  • As far as I remember, the hyphenation is done by syllables and there should not be single letters on the lines, therefore, using this rule, we will carry out the hyphenation of the given words as follows: lake-ro, bal-tiy-sko. April.

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