How to write and speak correctly: whisper or whisper? Why?

How to write and speak correctly: whisper or whisper? Why?

  • In Russian, verbs have first and second conjugations. The verbs that refer to the second conjugation end in: it + endure, offend, hate, see, look, depend, oppress, hold, hear, breathe. The verbs that relate to the first conjugation end: everything in EAT and AT + BRIT, lay, swell, build up. The verb whisper. To find out what conjugation it refers to, you need to put it in the infinitive: WHISP. Hence it refers to verb 1 conjugation. Ending 1 conjugation: ut, ut. The correct option means: WHISPER.

  • Let's define the conjugation of the verb WHISPER (this is the infinitive, initial form). Verb 1 conjugation.

    Therefore, in the forms of verbs 1,2 and 3, singular and plural endings of 1 conjugation.

    Let's write them all here:

    I whisperу sister - we are all whisperingrd,

    you whispereat it me - you whisperyou are each other,

    he is whisperingem very quiet - they whisperut.

    As you can see, in the 3-person plural form, it is correct to write and speak with the ending UT.

    The ending is AT for forms of 2 conjugations, and we have a verb, let me remind you, 1 conjugation.

  • First you need to determine the conjugation of the verb. Whisper is one conjugation. The plural and 1rd person verbs of the first conjugation have the ending UT or UT. Accordingly, it is correct to write and say "they whisper". Let's decline this verb: I whisper, you whisper, he / she whispers, we whisper, you whisper, they whisper.

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