How to spell pavilion or pavilon?

How to spell pavilion or pavilon?

  • A sound is heard in this word - and this is usually misleading when writing this word, but you need to write the letter -o after -ь-, there are the same words that are similar when writing and sounding:

    broth, companion, battalion and our word is pavilion.

  • It will be correct to write "pavilion". In words of foreign origin, after the separating soft mark, it is correct to use "O". For example, "broth", "champignon", "pavilion", "medallion"

    and so on.

  • Good day! Correctly write "pavilion", through O. In this case, you just need to remember the spelling.

  • The pavilion is spelled correctly. And for you for the future, if someone from the site complains about your question, it will be removed and you will be fined. Try to phrase it a little differently next time) good luck and success on the site)

  • The word "pavilion" is not Russian. In some foreign words, the letter "o" is written after the soft sign: pavilion, broth, medallion, postman and some others. The sound "o" is pronounced as "jo", i.e. in the Russian manner, and the spelling is still traditional.

  • In the words PAVILION, broth, medallion, companion, champignon, battalion, postman, etc., the letter O is written after a soft sign. Although, if you pronounce these words, as they are written, it will be wrong. When pronouncing, always in these words, after b they say.

    This is especially difficult for foreigners to remember. Therefore, rarely does anyone of them say - boule or paviln, more often - as I write, they say so.

  • Of the two proposed options, the correct one will be "pavilion", that is, through the letter "O". Although in colloquial speech it is quite common to hear it with the letter "", that is, we speak and hear the word "paviln". But this is the wrong way to spell the word.

    So a correctly spelled word will look like "pavilion". You just need to remember it once and for all.

  • Correct spelling of the word Pavilion or Pavilion. Of course, you must correctly write the Pavilion through the letter O and not E. And you need to use words correctly, such as: medallion, broth, pavilion, champignon. All these words are written through the letter O.

  • It is correct to write this word through the letter o, that is, the pavilion.

    There is such a rule that after a soft sign a letter is not written, but written about, even if it is heard.

    Here are the words examples: medallion, broth, seigneur, champignon, minion.

  • Nouns ending in -he, are borrowed by Russian from French, therefore, before the soft sign, not the letter "" is written, as is heard when pronouncing these words, but the letter о:

    pavilion, medallion, battalion, broth, sauvignon.

    In Russian spelling, along with other cases, there is a point for spelling a soft sign in borrowed words before the letter combination -on.

  • That's right: pavilion.

    In the Russian language there is a certain number of words on LON, where a separating soft sign is written before the letter O, and not before the letter. These words are borrowed from the French language, and their spelling conveys the peculiarities of such a pronunciation, when the vowel O seems to be "softened", but the sound Y is not pronounced at the same time.

    However, if we look at the modern orthoepic dictionary, we will see that the variant L0 is not different from the variant L, that is, the separator sign indicates the double sound of YO, and the pronunciation of O is considered incorrect.

    You can also pay attention to the modern name "gnocchi" (a dish of Italian cuisine), which also uses a separator in front of O.

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