How to spell it correctly: Sheer or Slit?

How to spell it correctly: Sheer or Slit?

  • More often on the Internet you can see the question: How to spell it correctly: Shelvka or Shalevka?

    In different explanatory and even spelling dictionaries there is both one and the other word, but the word "SHCHELVKA" does not exist.

    Most correctly this word is spelled like this - SHALVKA, and they confuse it with SHELVKA because it is heard that way.

    According to Dahl's dictionary, the house needs to be FUCKED, i.e. upholstery with a tsom (thin board).

    The word Shalevka, Shalevat came to us from the Polish language and is firmly rooted in the people.

  • Construction term SHALVKA has two meanings:

    1) thin board, tf, which is used for cladding various buildings, including facades of houses, gazebos, balconies, floors in open terraces;

    2) the very process of sheathing with such a gorge, such a tsom.

    This term is most often used by modern professionals.

    In various encyclopedias and explanatory dictionaries, for example, compiled by Efremova, Ushakov and even Dahl, along with the term SHALVKA the second variant of the possible use of this word is also given - SHELVKA.

    The Dictionary of Architectural Terms also lists both options.

    Word snap more associated with a noun gap.

    There is, for example, slotted lamps, filters, various designs.

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