How to spell: back to front or back on before?

How to spell: back to front or back on before?

  • Of course, I want to say that this phrase should always be written as two words, using the adverb Ahead, but in reality everything will depend on context.

    In a stable expression Backwards in advance, an adverb is written in advance, which as an adverb will be written together. Similarly, we can give another example: a reverse.

    But if you use the noun Before, then the preposition On will be written separately. And to come up with a variant with such a spelling is not difficult: He unexpectedly passed back and drove his ass on the front of my car. Somewhat conversational style, but real.

    However, in most cases we write BEFORE.

  • It is written in one word as it is an adverb, and adverbs with prepositions are written together.

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