How to come up with a funny story according to the proverb "Live and learn"?

How to come up with a funny story according to the proverb "Live and learn"?

  • Zvenka, I will not invent anything, I will not tell the real story. At the age of 14, my grandmother taught me how to crochet, showed one pattern "from the head" and I knitted mostly bags, but when books and magazines on needlework appeared in stores, I began to buy them and try to knit napkins according to patterns.

    She showed the napkin to my grandmother in the process of work, she praised me and it warmed my soul.

    Once she wanted to knit the same napkin as I knit, but she did not understand the patterns, and if the thing lies in front of her eyes, then counting the columns and looking at the pattern, she will knit.

    They agreed that I would finish the napkin and give it to her to try.

    My granny is a wayward woman and she never admitted her ignorance of the world, she always said: "The younger do not teach the older."

    I got lost when my grandmother reached the last row and could not make a picot.

    In order to somehow do it, she somehow finished the row considered to be the last, went to the extra row and ended it like this: * a decent chain of air loops, a picot, a decent chain *

    I marked rapport with an asterisk.

    She would have called me, asked me to show how to knit the last row correctly, an extra circle would not have to be done.

    Pride would not let me! .. And only when I burst out laughing did my grandmother say: "How should it be?"

    I showed it: "Ay-yay-ya, ay-yay-ya! Live forever, learn to die as a fool!"

  • Parable story.

    Once upon a time there lived a Man in years. He was (as it seemed to him) extremely clever. Whoever says whatever word, everyone listens and nods. Whoever looks at - everyone smiles at him. And the Man did not even think about why they nod and why they smile. He thought it was out of respect for his special wisdom. But he himself was, frankly, a pretty stupid man.

    Once there was a Man at the zoo. And he says to people: "Do you see this tiger in the cage? So. I have thrust my hand into the cage ten times already, and he has never bitten me. Now I will stick it in for the eleventh time. And he will not bite again. Because tigers are harmless."

    The Man sees - people again nod and smile at his words. He put his hand into the cage, and take the tiger, and bite it a little. Not up to blood, of course.


    Live and learn. And not bad and accidental experience, but zoology.

    The Man did not know that people, nodding, were whispering: "Well, he is a fool, well, he is an ignoramus!" And smiling, they said: “I have never seen such an ignoramus before.

  • Today I decided to tell you a funny story that happened to me as a child.

    Once, in the summer, when my parents went to rest on the sea, and for some reason they decided not to take me, but decided to send me to my grandmother for a whole month, I found myself in an awkward situation. I was ten years old, but not more than twelve, that's for sure.

    Once my grandmother baked a lot of pies with an apple, put them in a deep plate and told me to go and treat Baba Nadia, who lived opposite us. I took the pies and skipped to Baba Nadya. I didn't drop the pies, but I lost my face a little.

    I ran to a neighbor with the words:

    -This is for you!

    And Baba Nadya at that moment ... was changing her clothes. How ashamed I was then! I didn’t think that she was ashamed, I left the pies on the chair and ran away.

    An hour later, Baba Nadya comes to us and sternly, in front of my grandmother, says to me:

    -Asya, weren't you taught to knock on the door before entering ?!

    - They taught, I replied, but ... I forgot ... sorry ...

    -Live and learn, frowning eyebrows said the neighbor and left.

    And the next day we went to the city to re-register the grandmother's pension on the card.

    -Grandma, which door do we need? I asked.

    In the third, - answered the grandmother.

    And again I jumped and ran. But now, at the very door to the operator she stopped, remembering the recent incident, and decided not to repeat her mistakes, and knocked on the operator's booth door three times. At that moment, the grandmother just came up.

    - There is no one there, I said to my grandmother.

    -Well, let's wait.

    We sat for about twenty minutes until a girl operator came out of this booth.

    -You to me?

    Grandma nodded her head.

    - I'll be right there.

    - Grandma, but when I knocked, no one answered me and I thought it was busy there.

    -Eh ... I agree with etiquette, they don't knock on offices of institutions ...

    - I didn't even know, I said with annoyance.

    -Live and learn, - said the grandmother kindly.


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